The Working Mom

For some moms going back to work is the worst thing ever; crying on your way to work, running to your car to get home quickly and texts all day to your sitter asking for pictures and updates. For other moms (like me) going back to work is the best thing ever. I love my kids, I really do – obsessed with them actually – but I just love what I do and I feel like someone else is just much more equipped at teaching my kids how to make the most amazing macaroni necklace than I am.

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I wish I knew then ..what I (think) I know now.

You finally have a chance to get out to dinner with your girlfriends. It might have been months since you’ve seen them and you might only get out for a few hours, but it’s officially come to the point where you NEED that dinner in order to survive.  Continue reading “I wish I knew then ..what I (think) I know now.”

The Mom Bod.

So, you just had a baby. He or she is about 2 months old now. You start to want to feel better about yourself. You do your hair one day, throw on a little mascara the next. Before you know it, you’re actually (maybe) putting a pair of jeans when you run to Target at 8 a.m. As you get in the shower one day, you look at your body in the mirror and think to yourself, “holy shit, what happened!?” and possibly even shed a few tears.

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Here we go.

Happy two months to our sweet, Daniel!


I decided all of the feels and thoughts I’ve been going through these past few months as a mom of three would be better expressed written down, there is no way in hell I could be the only mom out there going through “this”. So why not share my experiences as they may help someone else going through the same thing.

Being home on maternity leave I’ve found myself addicted to looking up these lifestyle bloggers on Instagram who literally seem to have it altogether, which just makes me feel extremely insecure. I constantly look as these pages thinking how is this even possible. The fact that these women can do their hair and makeup with four kids running around blows my mind. And then, okay fine you’re able to do your hair and make up.. then have these photoshoots that I knowwww had to have taken a good amount of time! Each child is strategically placed in line to make the picture perfect.. how?? How on earth do they do it!? If anyone has the secret.. please feel free to let me in on it. Until then I’ll just keep stalking their Instagram’s believing they have the perfect life.

This week I was actually able to shower ..alone, for once. Normally on a daily basis there is a good chance that someone is either screaming at me, using the bathroom or actually in the shower with me. There are no words to describe how amazing it is to be able to actually shower alone!! HEAVEN. ON EARTH.

FOOD SHOPPING with three kids should be considered an Olympic Sport. Since I hadn’t left the house in a good three days, I decided to take a shot. BIG. MISTAKE. I put it out there on Facebook that I took all three food shopping and many people responded with their favorite food shopping delivery service. As much of a great idea as I think it is.. if I did that, I would literally never leave the house. I find myself looking forward to it, who am I??

The minivan. I am officially a minivan mom. 29 years old and driving a minivan has really taken its toll on me. Stupid right? I know. I hear these women all the time talk about how much they love their minivan and how it makes their life so much easier. No thank you. Every time I start the engine I think to myself, is this real life? I feel like people are silently judging me as I drive past them blasting Kendrik Lamar, Humble car is clearly full of children.

Can we talk about how amazing my friends are for a second? How some women live without the support and help from their girlfriends is beyond me. Mine are amazing. This week I received an abundance of the most expensive formula ever that the baby has to have from two of my girlfriends, one offered to take the kids out for the day so I could relax (relax ..what does that even mean?) and another just lets me vent to her literally all, day, long.

I’ve received a ton of questions about Daniels onesie in this picture. It’s from Not only are they the cutest thing ever, but the originality and positive messages make them that much better.