tip for working from home – with kids

tip for working from home – with kids

it’s no secret 2020 was a shitshow. and that doesn’t even describe it. so many people, like myself, were forced to work from home without child care. thankfully, my mom was able to help me out so that i’d be able to keep my job, but i know that not many people were as lucky as i was.

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The Working Mom

For some moms going back to work is the worst thing ever; crying on your way to work, running to your car to get home quickly and texts all day to your sitter asking for pictures and updates. For other moms (like me) going back to work is the best thing ever. I love my kids, I really do – obsessed with them actually – but I just love what I do and I feel like someone else is just much more equipped at teaching my kids how to make the most amazing macaroni necklace than I am.

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The Mom Bod.

So, you just had a baby. He or she is about 2 months old now. You start to want to feel better about yourself. You do your hair one day, throw on a little mascara the next. Before you know it, you’re actually (maybe) putting a pair of jeans when you run to Target at 8 a.m. As you get in the shower one day, you look at your body in the mirror and think to yourself, “holy shit, what happened!?” and possibly even shed a few tears.

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