The past four months have been the craziest, most rewarding four months of my life.


Four months ago Danny was born, a month early. The first two weeks in the NICU were, at times, unbearable and terrifying. But we made it and he’s more perfect than we ever could’ve imagined.

I sware every age I say this is my favorite. He’s sleeping through the night, in the bassinet still –not for any particular reason other than I just don’t feel like getting up and putting him in his crib after he falls asleep on me in bed. The NICU doctor recommended  to have the baby sleep in the bassinet next to me for the first year ..uhhh, no thank you. He won’t even fit in the bassinet in another month. He eats great, poops great and is just the most mellow babes.

Cabrey is as crazy as ever. Everyone asks, “how is she with Danny?” Aggressive and obsessed. She wants to hold him, take pictures and run away with him all at the same time. She’s constantly yelling, “DANNY!” when he’s sound asleep and thinks it’s hilarious to wake him up.

Tony is overloving, per usual. I think he’s pretty much used to having a baby around since Cabrey, so he’s kindof unchanged. He loves talking to him and making him laugh, (heartmelted) but he’s also 9 and always doing his own thing.


Two under two is insane. Everyone keeps telling me it’s worth it and gets easier, soooo I’m holding onto that.

Our weekends are spent at the football field, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love watching my husband coach and the way Tony looks up to him just makes all of the time I have to spend apart from him all worth it.