Recent Amazon Finds – January

I realize this is all I’ve been blogging about lately, but physically and emotionally this is all I have to give at the moment. thank you for your understanding xo (kidding, kinda)

hair clips – they don’t hurt at all and I needed something for when i dye my hair

brushes to clean your windowsill – wish i knew these existed when we first moved into our house

The Search for Syrup – I’m obsessed with the Challenge on MTV so naturally when I saw Tori wrote a book, I had to order it and it’s soo good!

Cupkin cups – I had enough of my kids spilling their drinks ALL OVER the house. Since I bought these we haven’t had any crazy cleanups (from their cups) and they’re actually on sale today

mushroom baby teether – I saw this from another blogger who has a daughter the same age at Bridey and I’m so glad because Bridey LOVES it. she was always biting on her fingers and they would get so red and cold

fabric shaver – my sister in law coming in hot with this find. sometimes I wouldn’t even wear certain clothes because of all of the little balls on them after one wash. this brings them back to life

flower glasses – bought these to take photos of Bridey and it was 100% worth it

collapsable laundry basket – well my husband thought this was hilarious considering I bought it because I was so sick of seeing laundry baskets all over the house but he reminded me that in order to not see them, I would have to actually put the clothes away that are in those baskets

best leggings ever – I’m not even kidding. they’re my favorite i’ve ever purchased. they come in a pack of three and so affordable. I’ve also washed them a few times and they’re still legit.

women sweater – bought this on a whim and it hasn’t disappointed

Nerds gummy clusters – WHERE HAVE THESE BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE. fought with the kids over these too.

calazime lotion – my brother and his wife actually suggested this to me when Danny’s diaper rash was soo bad. Trust me, throw away any other diaper rash cream you have and get this, you’ll thank me

shower curtain hangers (for jeans in your closet) – thankful to every influencer/blogger in the world who shared this last week. i needed space in my dresser and this was a good way to put them into my closet without making it look like such a mess

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