Recent Amazon Finds – November & December

Since for the first time in what feels like forever I have a minute to myself, I figured why not share my recent Amazon finds for the past few months since I haven’t been able to!

first, if you’re ever looking for anything i’ve linked through Amazon, you can find my Storefront here.

setting powder pads – i recently saw these on a beauty bloggers stories and love it! instead of using a brush to brush the setting powder on, these are more to press it into your face. (and this is the setting powder that i use)

baby floor seat – i can’t believe i didn’t have this for all of my kids. Bridey is 4 months and she sits in it great. i love how it protects her neck and it’s 100 times better then the Bumbo i could never get my kids legs out of. it’s also a really good gift idea for a baby shower

heated socks – do i even have to explain?

What Would Darla Do book – Cabrey’s absolute favorite book, she makes me read it to her every night, thank god it’s like 8 stories in one and it’s actually on sale right now too.

duvet – i have been OBSESSED with finding the perfect duvet insert. it’s kinda weird actually. i’ve tried super expensive ones and one i got for free and haven’t loved any of them. i put it out there in an amazon FB page to see if anyone would suggest a duvet insert and I tried the one that everyone suggest and said they loved and i LOVE this. under $30, it’s perfect. we have a queen size bed but i ordered the king size and i’m glad i did.

duvet cover – so it’s a little pricey but since i didn’t pay too much for the duvet insert, i kinda splurged. i love the linen texture of it and how breathable it is.

red kraft paper roll – normally every year i use the brown craft paper to wrap the kids christmas gifts, but i wanted to switch it up this year and just got the craft paper in red. let me tell you. this craft paper makes wrapping your kids Christmas gifts SOO EASY.

Cabrey’s oversized knit sweater – so easy for her to just throw on and it’s so cute. true to size and she’s a size 5T.

Bridey’s sweater onesie – ugh, so cute.

wireless charger – makes charging your phone so much easier

pink stackable organizer – these have been my go-to for all of Cabrey’s new tiny little Barbie pieces that she got from Santa!

black door hinges – really strange how happy black door hinges could make someone. it just made such a difference on my doors.

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