Recent Amazon Finds – October

it’s been a while since i’ve posted anything so why not start back up with my Amazon finds

thermal socks – because it’s freezing outside.

magnetic eyelashes – I wore these on my birthday and they were 1. the easiest eyelashes I’ve ever been able to put on & 2. the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. 10/10 I would recommend. The only thing is taking it off and you have use baby oil or vaseline to get it off.

women pullover – I got it in a size M for a more oversized look and it’s soo warm!

baby shoes – how cute are these!!!!

thermal top – I can’t take credit for finding this – Lacey from Dilworth Tribe recommended it and i loveeee.

womens sweater – i actually got this sweater as a lighting deal and it’s pretty good quality. love the colors for fall too.

velvet bows – only $15 for 15 bows & they’re al velvet!! so soft and they’re not tight around her head at all.

UV light cleaner – COVID has me wanting everything to be sanitized as much as possible, esp my phone.

facial cleansing pads – i found that i loved these sponges when I started using the Urban Skin Facial Cleanser and since then I’ve started using them with any face wash that I use.

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