Adjusting to Life with Four Kids

Having four kids isn’t easy. Having three kids isn’t easy. two, or even one, isn’t easy.

so in an effort to help other people adjust to having multiple children, here are a few things that have been helping me to adjust:


– calendar: I don’t think I could live without my Google calendar. Between hybrid schooling and having to remember which days are in class and which are on the computer to all of the sporting events for 3 kids now, if I didn’t use the calendar, i would never remember what day it is.

– schedule: I started to wake up everyday and make my bed. no matter what. it’s the first thing i do in the morning. then i have my coffee while the kids watch their tablets and eat their muffins. that’s a schedule i keep everyday and it helps so much. i think there have been two days since the baby has been here that i didn’t make my bed and i just felt so off all day. like completely out of sorts.

– less clutter: since the baby has been born I’ve gone through so much old clothes to give away because I just couldn’t stand the clutter anymore. not looking at just STUFF everywhere since we’re pretty much bound to saying in the house, has made a huge difference for my mind set. i share less clutter in my house = less clutter in my mind. it really helps me to have a clear head.

– communication with my husband: it wasn’t always as easy as it is now, but we’ve come a long way since baby no. 1. telling him how i’m feeling whether i know he’ll understand or not is important for me. if i need extra help or if i just need something from him, it’s so important to let him know.

– getting out of the house: sometimes the thought of having to leave the house with four kids seems impossible, but once i do it.. it just makes me feel good. i mean, lets be honest.. there are times when i take them out and they completely drive me insane because I won’t give them a smoothie (THERE WERE TOO MANY BEES) but just going for walk around the block or taking them to the park makes all of the difference.

– my blog: having something for myself, that’s just mine. it’s like therapy for me and not just because i get all of my thoughts out but because it takes me away from all of the crazy, even if it’s just for a half hour a day. i’m the kind of person who likes being in the house surrounded by the craziness but there are times where i need to just clear my head, some people like to go out and do something but just going upstairs, shutting my door and working on my blog is just enough.

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