Postpartum Must Haves

there are so many things i wish i would have known about after giving birth – what to have stocked up at my house for when we get home from the hospital one was of those things..

maxi pads – do your husband a favor (unlike i did) and have these at your house before you get home. there is literally no telling how long you’ll be bleeding for. every pregnancy is different, so stock up. i prefer the nighttime ones even when i’m wearing them during the day because i feel like they hold up the longest and truthfully they’re the most comfortable on me.

tucks/preparation H – the hospital i go to always gives me some, but i always run out quick so it’s good to have some on hand when you get home.

lanolin – if you’re nursing and going through your postpartum recovery right now, god bless you and your nipples. they crack and swell and bleed and it’s like no other. get this and put it on – it helps!

comfortable clothing – this pregnancy i had ordered clothes and they had been delivered when I was at the hospital having the baby and I was SO glad i had thought of it before i had the baby because without those comfortable clothes I’m not sure what I would have worn the first few days when i got home. i purchased two pair of these sweatpants (on sale), this thermal nightgown (on sale) and this onesie.

ice packs for your boobs – whether you’re breastfeeding or not, when your milk comes in your breast become so engorged, they’re like actual bricks on your chest. putting the ice packs in your bra will give you some comfort. if you’re not breastfeeding, the pain lasts for 24-48 hours, for me.. right at 24 and I felt some relief. letting some out in a hot shower also helped – but not too much because your body will keep producing it if you’re letting too much out.

mesh underwear – i don’t even know why these are so glorious, but they are. i always get a ton from the hospital but i run out and always want more once i’m home. they just keep everything together and so easy to put on.

nursing bra – a life saver. anything that gives you the ability to have free hands when you have a baby is essential. sitting there having to hold the bottles as your pumping is the WORST so just put these into the bra and your’e good to go.

ice packs for your butt – pads that turn into ice packs. there are no words to explain how much relief you get from the pain when wearing these. i even use them when i’m not recovering from child birth, during that time of the month.

Dermoplast – it’s totally worth having for the 20 minutes of relief it’s going to give you.

also – if your’e ever looking to get someone a gift for a new baby, grab each one of these and throw them in a basket and bring them to their house. they will forever be grateful!

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