Recent Amazon Finds – August

Since I’m trying not to leave my house as much as possible with the possibility of going into labor at any minute, Amazon has been my go-to (as if it wasn’t before). From scrunchie holders to sink strainers, I can’t get enough of Amazon.

1. scrunchie holder // Because my daughter keeps stealing mine and losses them everywhere!

2. peg wall hooks // I wanted something a little different that kinda went with the vibe of the nursery.

3. throw blanket // I actually bought two of these, one in pink and one in black for Cabrey and Danny’s new room.

4. sink strainer // I hate how I don’t have a garbage disposal and how gross food is in the drain so this has been a great alternative.

5. curtain rods // Really inexpensive and they come in 4 colors.

6. kitchen cabinet pulls // It’s amazing how just a little change can make a huge difference and I don’t know why I didn’t think of that sooner. It came in a pack of 20 and they were only $20, the next day they were actually on sale for $17.

7. the bug bite thing // literally what it’s called. I was a little skeptical but my kids say it works great. I don’t get bit by bugs so I’m not a great reference, but my kids have been itching much less now.

8. K necklace // Influenced by my friend Cait (@Cait.Vogel) just as simple letter necklace that is perfect for layering and under $15.

9. throw pillow covers // these ‘farmhouse’ buffalo check pillow covers come in a set of two and 5 other colors. They were only $10 and I’ve washed them a few times already have had held up great!

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