The Hospital Bag: What to really pack – pt. 2

Okay, here we go. First ever blog post you can read here. To be honest, nothing has really changed. I read all of these big bloggers posts and lists of everything they’re bringing. Personally, I don’t believe need your Tula products and you for sure don’t need your homemade lactation cookies. I mean, 1. we are currently in the middle of a pandemic, the hospital stays after having a baby are shorter and 2. all of that stuff you’re putting into your bag, is just stuff.

WITH THAT BEING SAID: if packing all of those random things is what is going to make you feel better and more comfortable during labor, then pack whatever you want. if twinkle lights are going to help you get through it, then pack the twinkle lights. This is just my opinion of what worked or ME – which I completely understand, wouldn’t work for everyone.

My water broke a month early with Danny so we didn’t even have a bag packed and brought nothing but ourselves to the hospital and we made it through. So this list is pretty much the same as my first post, but with some links of things that I’ve found over the last three years. Since I also asked Instagram moms what their no. 1 thing they were thankful that they had with them, this list will also include those things.

1. robe/comfortable clothing: When I had Tony at 19 I remember my mom and I going to Kohl’s and picking out a robe to pack, I was SO thankful to have that with me. Here we are 12 years later and I’m still looking for a comfortable robe to pack. This company that I found on IG, Kindred Bravely, specializes in maternity/postpartum wear and I’m obsessed with everything. I have never actually owned a nursing bra and I have tried to nurse the last two babies. Right when I tried this one on from Kindred Bravely I was like oh my God how did I not find this sooner. Even for first time moms, nursing could be a challenge and having the right nursing bra with you could be a HUGE help. You can see everything I have from Kindred Bravely here on my recent try on (don’t forget code: KATELYNN20 for 20% off your order).

2. slippers: I actually don’t hate the socks that you get from the hospital so normally I wouldn’t really mind not bringing my own, but with Covid and germs and everything, I’m packing my favorite (inexpensive) slippers from Amazon.

3. boppy pillow/blanket: Another popular answer from the moms of Instagram was their own blanket and/or boppy pillow. I’m not gonna lie, I was a little surprised by this. Even though I’m not bringing my own blanket, this was a really popular response. In regard to the Boppy pillow, this would be great for having to breastfeed. If you’re new to breastfeeding and you’ll be trying it for the first time in the hospital.. I would 100% suggest packing the Boppy. Looking back now, that’s probably something I wish I had with me. People don’t prepare you for that first few times attempting to breastfeed.. also, I have to point out that both of my babies still use their Boppy’s as pillows in their bed now so it’s worth the $40 (you can even find them at TJ Maxx or Marshalls).

4. cell phone charger (extra long, if possible): 1. for the camera and 2. if you’re like me, you’ll need it to play Words with Friends with your husband after they give you an epidural and you’re waiting to dialate.

5. husbands underwear that’s fun-to-wear: okay so this isn’t to wear as actual underwear. This is to wear after you put the postpartum underwear on that holds up the ice packs.

6. toothbrush and toothpaste (contacts/glasses, you get the point): even though if you don’t have it, they have their own there that they can give you (I know from experience).

7. Snacks: leave it to the big bloggers to suggest twinkle lights and oil diffusers, I’ll be packing my Herr’s Kettle Cooked and a pint of Swiss Tea Cooler.

8. baby going home outfit: learn from me, don’t go crazy. When I had Cabrey the outfit we packed to bring her home in was like too tight and so hard to put on, she cried the entire time. If it’s the summer, just a cute onesie. The one that I have packed is this one from Amazon and a cozy swaddle to snap some cute pictures in!

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