34-35 Week Bump Date

I feel like all of a sudden I’m back into the first trimester.


I’m seriously exhausted and I thought that the iron supplements that I’ve been having to take would make me less tired, but they haven’t and I’m still crunching on ice! FYI I saw from another pregnant blogger that Chick Fil A sells bags of their ice for $1.50!

I keep missing Danny’s speech therapy appointments, I slept until 10:30 a.m. one morning and literally peed my pants so much that day. I don’t think it’s any surprise to anyone that I really do enjoy being pregnant but it has gotten so hard within the last few weeks/days. I want to go out and try to do things with the kids but then the second I’m out I regret it.

two things to learn from my mistakes these past few weeks:

1. don’t go to a sunflower field at 9 am in 90 degree heat at 35 weeks pregnant; and



2. a child’s Pull Up diaper will not hold a pregnant woman’s pee (I should have doubled up.)

dilated: so at my 35 week appointment, I was 1.5 cm. and I KNOW, I could be like this for the next 4weeks, however.. I feel like women know their bodies and I don’t see this baby making it 4 more weeks (but there’s always a chance!). My dr. checked me at 35 because of my last one coming a month early so it made me feel much better. She said my cervix wasn’t thinned and that it was still pointed toward the back, so she didn’t think the baby would be coming in the next few days.

what i’m wearing: dresses seem to be my go-to these days. This white one is from Lemon Lun, I believe is sold out but keep an eye out for what’s to come because she is constantly updating her inventory with new and upcoming styles! Dresses have just been my go-to because I just don’t want to put pants on at all.

what’s in my hospital bag: Blog post coming this week and what’s in there is SUPER simple.

feels: I think I’m having contractions, I dunno. Aches and pains all the time, if I walk too long the pressure really starts to get to my legs. Lightening crotch is a real thing people.


some favorite baby brands: hi beanie, white onesie, pacifiers, swaddle, Muslin swaddle,  bright swaddle


previous bump dates:

21 weeks / 22 weeks / 24-25 weeks / 26-27 weeks28-29 weeks / 30 weeks / 31 weeks / 32 weeks / 33 weeks

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