Week 33 Bump Date

it’s been such a week and I’ve just been trying to soak up all of the baby hugs and snuggles I’ve been getting!

covid delivery: I had my check up with my doctor this week and we went over some of the covid procedures. I’ll be tested for covid prior to deliver (obviously if possible, if I go into labor that’s a different situation) and my husband won’t have to be tested because they’ll assume he will have whatever outcome I have. If I get tested and don’t go into labor within a certain amount of days, I’ll be tested again. If my husband wants to leave the hospital, he won’t be able to come back in and there obviously won’t be any visitors. Such a very different experience then any of my other deliveries, I’ve always looked forward to visitors in the hospital but now I’m looking forward to the time alone I’ll have with my husband and the new baby before the chaos of life will slap us in the face the when we get home.


breastfeeding vs. formula: apparently it’s National Breast Feeding Month (or week, I’m not actually sure) but it’s got me thinking even more about what I’m going to do. I tried breast feeing with each of the other kids and it didn’t last long. I don’t know if it’s the hormones or stress or implants, but I just haven’t been able to produce enough milk, which leads to my frustration and stress onto of having a newborn at home. But I know it’s something that I really want to try again, so right now it’s not 100% but I’m leaning toward it!

what I’m wearing: “ABP” aka anything but pants.



(black maxi)

nursery update: Finally have wallpaper up! The best part is that when we first moved into our house, the amount of wallpaper that we had to take off of our walls, I swore I never wanted to see wallpaper ever again for the rest of my life. And here we are 5 years later I think I have wallpaper in 3 out of 4 bedrooms. I love it. So easy to install (I posted my stories the video of how I did it and it’s saved to my highlights, I will also have a full blog post coming once everything is done!)


feeling: normal cramping on the regular but I think at this point after 3 kids already, that’s pretty normal. I have another dr appointment next week and then it’s every week from then on!

cravings: frozen lemonade. anything lemonade. ice chips.


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