32 Week Bump Date + our “Babymoon”

It’s been 100 degrees out all week, I have no desire to leave the house.

our baby moon: I mean if that’s a real thing. We took about a three hour ride up to Connecticut to visit my brother and I was FINALLY able to meet my new little niece that I haven’t been able to meet because of Covid. She’s perfect. On the way up we stopped at Sally’s Apizza (husband’s choice) because Barstool guy gave it a 9.2. It was a $25 pizza and the best part in that right away it reminded us of a pizza place where we live that sells pizza’s for $5. I gave it a 8.0 – my husband gave it a 8.6. The we spent the day in my brothers pool and ate my weigh in guacamole. We just spent the night and the next day after breakfast and on our way home we stopped at Mongers Market (my choice) and I’m  obsessed. A warehouse full of people selling vintage, industrial antiques and I could have spent hours walking around. Two places you have to visit if you’re ever in Connecticut.



weight gained: no clue

favorite small shops for baby: I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that scrolling through IG you just find the cutest baby stuff that you wouldn’t find if you were out shopping in a store. So here are a few of my favorite small shops that I’m currently obsessing over..


swaddle / pacifiers / orange onesie / grow up kind onesie

current cravings: S’mores cereal or just cereal

nursery update: I am the last person who would enjoy a plant in their house. I don’t get it, I’ll never understand it, my mom never had house plants and quite frankly my kids bring enough dirt into the house, I don’t want to purposely bring it in with a real live plant. I was in charge of watering my neighbors house plants when they were away on vacation, pretty sure they were on the verge of death when they got home and the entire time I would have rather been walking their dog (and I’m not a dog walker)! BUT ..now that you got through the most random rant ever, I did order a faux fiddle leaf plant and am pretty pumped about it! Getting ready to put the wallpaper up and can’t wait to get my nursery blog post up for everyone to see!


movements: Isn’t there an old wives tale somewhere that says that if you’re baby moves soo much in your belly that it’ll be a super calm and already sleeps through the night the first night you bring it home?! Because this baby doesn’t ever stop.

Loving these Revive Superfood Smoothies this week + they gave me the code _KDEVINNEY55 for you to use for 55% off of your first order.

previous bump dates:

21 weeks / 22 weeks / 24-25 weeks / 26-27 weeks28-29 weeks / 30 weeks / 31 weeks

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