Week 30 Bump Date

Still working on the nursery.

Although I did find some curtains and curtain rods, so I was pretty excited about that.

What I’m wearing: I can not get enough of the maternity clothes by Blanqi. This blue dress, wearing a size SM is like heaven on my body. I’m so uncomfortable most of the time so putting this on makes me feel dressed up AND comfortable. Also loving their leggings– I’m wearing a size SM and this white tank top that is literally holding up my bump and exactly what I need.



weight gained: so far i’ve gained a total of 16 lbs. The last few I’ve been averaging about a pound every two week and the ONLY reason I’m anxious about any type of weight gain is because my husband was a 9 lb. baby and my last was a month early and weighed 6 lbs. 8 oz. I do NOT want to give birth to a 9 lb. baby!!!!

cravings: I made these frozen candied jello grapes and I can not stop eating them!

movement: babes does not stop moving, ever.



non-maternity overalls // sized up for pregnancy, wearing a size MD

sleeping: it all depends the night. sometimes I sleep like a rock and other times I’m up all night long. It was like all of a sudden I’m super uncomfortable and have to be super tired to fall asleep.

house projects: other than the nursery, we will be moving my son into Cabrey’s room to share a room with her for the time being until we know what the gender of this baby is and who will eventually be sharing a room with who. we just purchased this bunk bed set, I got some new dot decal wallpaper from Urbanwalls and another Beddy’s Bed for Danny (which is back ordered until August). Cabrey says she’s sleeping on the top, but we’ll see how that goes once it’s actually here. I’ll be taking down the old wallpaper and painting the gray (I use Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams for ALL of the gray in my house, I am obsessed and think it goes great in every room). also finished our gallery wall that I’m so excited about!

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