Our DIY Board & Batten Nursery Wall

I am the furthest thing from a home decor blogger that you could even imagine. if you’re looking for house inspo you can find everything home decor to thrifting and styling from my friend Steph here @SweetLittleHouseofMine.

However, this is our last baby and we never really were able to decorate a nursery the way that I wanted because, LIFE.. so this time I knew it’s our last and I was determined to have it done by the time the baby got here. Which takes us here to the board and batten wall. I knew I wanted it to be 3/4 of the way up the wall, not 1/2 way because of where the crib was and I knew that I wanted green.


A few Pinterest searches later, I found one that seemed super easy and we went with it. And I honestly can’t take credit for any of it because my husband is the man behind the board and batten wall and to me, it looked pretty easy I feel like anyone can do it themselves.

from Home Depot he got:

1x2s & 1x4s (select wood)

Behr paint in the color: Laurel Garland


sand paper

First we just picked a spot up the wall that I wanted it to end. I have some wallpaper picked out from Urbanwalls so go above it so I didn’t want it too high or too low. Then my husband took the 1×4, leveled it horizontally and nailed it to the wall.

Then he measured the 1x2s to go vertical. I didn’t want one centered with the wall, I wanted it more of splitting the center, so my super smart husband did all of the measuring and figured out where they would go, cut them and we just nailed them to the wall.

Once they were all secured, I took the sandpaper and sanded all of the pieces of wood pretty good.



Then, two coats of the paint and it was done. So simple and I love it.


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