Baby No.4 Registry Must Haves

a few posts ago i shared a list of the products that YOU had told me were your favorite and it’s been a few years since i’ve been pregnant so i knew there were things out there that were new that i didn’t use with the other babes. so after doing some research and looking at some things, this is the list of stuff i came up with that would be on my registry – some i’ve used in the past and others that i can’t wait to try.

baby no 4 registry

1. owlet baby monitor // baby no. 4 and i have literally never used a monitor, not one time. we didn’t use one with Tony and our house isn’t that big that we wouldn’t be able to hear the baby crying if it woke up.

2. Newton baby breathable mattress // i can’t wait to get this, i’ve already ordered it and i’m so excited about it. a breathable mattress. your baby could literally be face down into the mattress and still be able to breathe, i love everything about it.

3. lalabu baby carrier // just like a wrap, but it’s a shirt! it’s actually been around for a while and i’ve know other people who swear by it. i’ll take any baby wearing product i can get. also – i know that you can only use them for so long while the baby is smaller so check Mercari or Poshmark for discounted ones!

4. baby shusher // i have read that people love this sound machine and just recently a friend of mine who just brought her baby home from the hospital told me it’s a must have!

5. discrete breast pumps // there are a few that i’ve found that i’m interested in. first is the Willow Breast Pump. it’s silent and you can put it into your bra and wear it. GENIUS. not having to lug around a breast pump with the cords and wires everywhere. another option is this Elvie Breast Pump, again this one is silent and can fit right into your bra and they have an app that tracks your pumping sessions to help you remember! both are a little expensive and i have no clue about insurance – but if you plan to be pumping for a long time (which i always plan but never works out) this might be a great option for you.

6. spoon food dispenser// okay don’t laugh if you think it’s crazy i’ve never heard of this. i saw this and was like omg how did i not invent this. it’ll make traveling and going place so much easier.

IKEA high chairbaby-shusher-sleep-soother-sound-machine

7. ikea high chair // could you even get a more affordable high chair? only $20. i mean you really don’t need anything fancy for a high chair considering your kids literally just make a mess on it. you can even get a padded support pillow for it and a cute cover.

8. changing basket // this is just an alternative to the changing table pad. and i love the ascetic of it to be honest.

9. angel care bath¬†// it’s only $20 and i think i love it so much because it comes with a hook so you can hang it up. i have always done the bath and then had to leave the bath in the tub to let it dry and it drives me nuts.

and there are still so many from this blog post: Baby Must-Have’s From You..¬†that would also be on my baby no. 4 registry!

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