26-27 Week Bump Date

these few weeks started with some strawberry picking to spending a much needed week down the shore with the family

..even if it did rain 90% of the time. i feel pretty good and even though my husband wasn’t with us all week, it wasn’t as bad chasing the kids around that i thought it would be.


maternity skirt // white top



pink dress (on sale) // white button down

weight gained: hm i haven’t been back to the dr. but i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a lot with all of the Dairy Queen I’ve been eating – and again, i’m not complaining.




symptoms: nothing crazy, just got a little overheated at the farm and thought i was going to pass out. i didn’t think that i’d

clothes: still opting out of maternity clothes and i can’t even tell you the last time i put on a pair of jeans!


this bathing suit is by Body Glove (last year + one of my favorite brands for swimmies) but here is one similar and it’s not maternity. i’ve also linked some full coverage bottoms here if anyone is interested! i got so many messages about the thongs on the beach and how hard it is for everyone to find full coverage swimwear these days.





nursery: husband has been SO busy with work, we haven’t made any progress – which i’m not complaining. we still have some time. we have all of the stuff we need for it, it’s just actually getting everything together and painted is what is next.

food cravings: dairy queen and as i’m typing this i’m asking my kids if they want to go.

previous bump dates: 21 // 22 // 24 // 25

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