My Beach Essentials

as we’re getting ready to be going to the beach this week, i figured i’d share some of my MUST have essentials that i bring to help with the kids and your sanity.

baby products from you (2)

1.glitter sunscreen // weird right? you might think i’m crazy, i know.. but until you know what it’s like chasing your kids around trying to get sunscreen on them, don’t judge me. they think sparkle sunscreen is the greatest thing ever so they don’t hate letting me put it on them!

2. kiddie pool // someone suggested this when Cabes was a baby and I’M SO GLAD we listened. danny didn’t love being down at the water so it was so nice to be able to blow this up, throw some water in it and he could sit in it and play all day long, pretty sure he didn’t move out of it his first year down the shore.

3. sandless beach blanket // just in case anyone hates sand all over the place just as much as i do!

4. anti chafe balm // for whoever has a boy.. this is a LIFE SAVER. i can’t tell you how many times my boys are complaining about their legs from their bathing suits. i feel like that’s really the reason we always have to leave the beach because they’re complaining and then for the rest of the time there they’re complaining about it.

5. beach diaper trash bag // this is kinda like for everyone else. there are trash cans on the beach but who wants to throw a dirty diaper in the trash can on a beach. i mean..

6. wagon // this one is under $100 – i don’t think you need anything fancy. i have even pushed the baby around in it to fall asleep because they can lay down and there’s so much room. it literally fits everything and goes over the sand so easily. every time i see a mom and her kids with all of their stuff without one of these trucking down to their spot at the beach i just wanna be like, invest in this wagon, you’ll thank me.

7. snap diaper // the worst when your baby goes to the bathroom in their diaper while in the water. it’s just been one of my anxieties about being at the beach with a baby. these are also perfect for people who have a pool!

8. collapsable cups // these aren’t just for the kids! but we bring a ton of water bottles and it just makes it so much easier for them to be able to all drink and not have to share a water bottle (because they NEVER finish one and i find 1/2 way filled ones all over the place!) also great to throw snacks in.

9. phone protector // i’m sure i’m not the only one grabbing a sandwich bag as i’m walking out the door on the way to the beach to throw my phone in. and 9 times out of 10 i always end up getting sand in it anyway. this is a set of 2 for only $7.00 – it’s worth it.

..i could also write you a list of the different beach toys my kids love but i could literally hand them a metal spoon and it would keep them busy for hours.

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