24-25 week bump date

i find myself thinking how i can’t believe i don’t remember my body hurting so much but then i also remember that i’m not as young as i was three years ago when i was pregnant and i also didn’t have 3 other kids, was working from home and home schooling at the time soo.

weight gained: i haven’t been back to the dr. to get weighed, but i cane imagine it’ll be a few lbs. from all of the smores that i can’t stop eating.

size: baby went from a pomegranate to an eggplant this week.

symptoms: i feel like i have about one contraction everyday and the dr. says that’s not uncommon, esp with your 4th.

clothes: still trying so hard to not buy maternity clothes, just oversized clothes that i can wear when i’m not pregnant. however, dresses have been my go-to. i just don’t want to put pants on anymore, even leggings.

nursery: so i’ve really started to work on the nursery and get some inspo. i’mg going with greens because i figure if it’s a girl i can add some light pinks and maroons and if it’s a boy then, it’s green and i got some really cute wall paper that i’m obsessed with. i’ll have a whole blog post about it but i can tell it’s going to be my favorite room in the house.

food cravings: i mean aside from smores, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese with just a little salt and pepper.

for the previous bump dates:

week 20 / week 21 / week 22

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