my second trimester must haves

for me, personally.. the early stages of the second trimester comes with a whole new level of necessities. some completely different than what i needed to get through the first, and some that i’ll need during the entire pregnancy (like my Hawaiian ice shaver).

baby products from you (1)

1. heating pad // i’m first going to start off by saying ASK YOUR DOCTOR first before using this. i’ve used it with each pregnancy but i asked each time. there are different situations with different pregnancies that may prevent you from being able to use one. this is a life saver for me and quite frankly is very relaxing. my back has been killing me, which it does with each pregnancy. FUN FACT: i was a competitive gymnast for 12 years of my life, followed up with 8 years of competitive cheerleading. an orthopedist i saw when i was younger warned me about the back pain i would have one day and he wasn’t lying. so i have back pain even when i’m not pregnant and it seems to be 100x worse when i am. i don’t use the heating pad for longer than 20 min at a time and i only use it on the medium setting.

2. vanilla ice cream // shout out to my SIL for this one. so apparently the more tums you eat the less effective they are. so instead of reaching for the tums, vanilla ice cream (or just plain milk) is such a good way to ease the indigestion.

3. body pillow // i am a stomach sleeper so not being able to because of the belly is rough. some of these body pillows can get expensive, but this one is affordable and will ease up those sleepless nights even for just a little bit.

4. belly band // under $20 and if you’re like me, your muscles haven’t gone back to the way they were before kids and carrying really low. here is another option that can be used during and post-pregnancy to help get everything back together after the baby is here.

5. waist extenders for jeans // okay so these hook up to your regular non-maternity jeans and turn them into maternity jeans. buying maternity jeans is the worst feeling ever for me. i hate jeans when i’m not pregnant so when i’m pregnant i find them even more uncomfortable. i do like to have a pair or two so these make it perfect to just be able to wear your regular jeans and not have to spend money on maternity ones.


6. maternity swim // i do wear my regular bikini’s when i’m pregnant but it is nice to have just one maternity friendly one that i just feel more comfortable in. this one isn’t maternity but is just as comfortable when i’m pregnant. here is a cute polkadot option too and a one piece option too (actual maternity)

7. bra extender // just like the waist extenders, these go onto the bras that you already have to give you some more room for those knockers.

8. tylenol// ugh those headaches. obvi ask your doctor if you an take it, but it’s been helping so much with these random headaches and back pains. also, ever since corona i can’t get it anywhere in the store.

9. Hawaiian ice shaver // still going strong with the crushed ice. this one i linked even comes with flavors if you want them – they were perfect for the older kids!


2 thoughts on “my second trimester must haves

  1. I’m not even pregnant right now and I need almost all those items. To all you pregnant ladies out there. treat yourselves to these must haves…and don’t forget to treat yourself to some Hawaiian ices 🙂


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