baby must-have’s from you..

so i asked all of the moms that follow me on IG to name their most favorite, must have baby product. after every baby i always find things that come out that i’m like i wish i saw that before! or i either buy too much shit that i don’t even need and end up not using.

so, here is a list of the responses that i received:

baby products from you

1. britax car seat // i’ve never used this brand, but there are people who rave about this!

2. Snoo // okay, so. this is by far the most expensive thing i’ve ever seen for a baby. next to college, of course. it is a bassinet that rocks and soothes the baby with “snug safe swaddling”.  it’s over $1,200 if you wanted to outright purchase it. but there is also an option to rent it (like a lease on a car). it’s $118 a month to rent, you get three free swaddles and you can try it free for a month. i have read tons of reviews on this, totally curious, and to me.. they’ve been mixed.

3. butt spatula // who else hates touching shit?

4. Baby Breeza // if i get one thing for this new baby, it will be this. like i said, i didn’t have much luck breast feeding and i have heard amazing things about this. a dispenser for your formula, sold. getting it, mine.

5. windi // pretty sure this is something you stick up the baby butt when they’re colicy. i guess i’d do anything in that situation too.

6. aden and anais swaddles // omg they’re so cute.

7.DockAtot – so i can’t comment on this because i’ve never used one but i’m interested to see what all of the hype is about.

8. baby bjorn bouncer // the response i got was “they used it from basically birth until 6 months and it folds eaisly”

9. mamaroo // we do have this. Cabrey hated it, Danny loved it.

10. summer infant play yard // since we’ll be spending a ton of time at tony’s football/lacrosse/basketball/baseball games then this will definitely be something we need.

11. Haakkaa breast pump // i am 100% trying this breast pump. with each of kids i’ve tried breast feeding and i’m not sure if it’s stress related or what but my supply has never been up to par. i also had to have my boobs done when i was 21 so that may also have something to do with it. however, i’ve never tried this and going to this time!

12. nose frida // how have i gone through 3 kids already and not used this?

..I also have a post coming of the things I’ve found that are must haves in MY baby list!

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