current favorite beauty products

this quarantine has really made me want to branch out and try new products. some of these i’ve been using for a while and others i just started and glad i tried them..

beauty (1)

one // Urban Skin RX cleansing bar– the is one of the purchases that Tik Tok made me buy. I’ve been using it for about a week and actually really like it. for a while i wasn’t able to find it in the actual Target store, assuming because everyone else is buying shit they see on tik tok but i finally did and am pretty happy with it. i love the sponge that comes with it. i wouldn’t suggest getting it on Amazon because it’s literally double the price.

two // Hanalei Lip Treatment –  i shared this on one of my recent blog posts from my Amazon quarantine purchases. i loveeee it so much i bought another one just so it wouldn’t be sold out. i love how it doesn’t have a taste and my lips have been great.

three // Tan Luxe Gradual Tan Illuminating Tan Lotion – products like these are what is going to put tanning sprays out of business. this stuff is genius. i put it on like i would lotion after my shower and by the time i wake up i have a nice subtle tan. there isn’t too much of a smell – just like the beach, which i’m not complaining about, it dries fast and doesn’t get all over anything. i use white sheets in bed and there isn’t ever anything on them. the company also has these Tan Luxe Face Tanning Drops, which i would also recommend. i have it and love it. i just put two drops in my moisturizer in the morning before i apply my makeup and it’s good to go, some people do it at night with their night routine but i find it easier to do in the morning.

four // Not Your Mother’s Texture Spray – it’s only $7 and i’ve been spraying it in my roots for volume. it’s great for two day hair, i use it like a dry shampoo and it gives me a hairspray hold without the feeling that i have hairspray in my hair.

five // Bliss Drench & Quench Moisturizer – so as I’m waiting for my new Kiehl’s order to come in, I had to get some sort of moisturizer to hold me over. i grabbed this at the sample section in Target and shockingly really like it. it reminds me of the Hydroboost from Neutrogena.

six // ELF 16 hr Camo Concealer – a lot of people say that this is comparable to the Tarte Shape Tape, however i have no clue because i’ve never tried that. i just couldn’t pull the plug (yet) on such an expensive concealer. but i do love this one. all i need is a tiny little bit and it goes a long way. i love the coverage and i have found that it’s one of the few that doesn’t crease under my eyes. i use it in the color light peach.

seven // CoLab Dry Shampoo – i’ve found that this is a super affordable dry shampoo that has worked really well for me. so i’m one that has to wash my hair every single night because i just hate how the second day it just gets too greasy. i’ve always done that so it’s been hard getting used to not doing it every night. this has made it much easier. i love the different smells and how it doesn’t leave a white residue in my hair.

eight // ELF Poreless Putty Primer – i feel like i should own stock in this stuff because anytime i see it in the store i can’t help but buy it, sometimes i’ll buy 2. i love how it hides my pores and when i put makeup on time it goes on so smooth.

nine // NYX Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil – so i was looking for something lighter on my skin for the summer since i’m out in the sun so much more and have been using this for over a week now and love it. it’s super light and doesn’t feel cakey on my skin and blends right in. i use it in the color Golden Camel. i apply it with a brush, sometimes with my hands like an all over lotion and either one works.

ten // ELF Beauty Shield Magnetic Mask – apparently i’m really into the ELF products these days. love this mask (cabes loves it too). it makes my skin feel refreshed and the best part is there is virtually no clean up because the wand just goes slowly over your skin peeling the magnetic mask onto it. i’ve done it over 10 times and still haven’t run out of product so a little goes a long way.

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