21 weeks / halfway there bump date

get ready because i’m blogging the shit out of this pregnancy. taking all of the photos and writing all of the things, because there are so many things that i just don’t remember from my others that i’m determined to not forget for this last one.

baby bump

due date: September 16 – however, our last baby was a month early, so i’m convinced this baby will be early too.

total weight gain so far: 9 lbs. i haven’t really had much more of an appetite than when i’m not pregnant, but we’re still so early here. i’ve gained about 20-25lbs each pregnancy and i didn’t lose all of it from the last one, which is totally fine.. i hate the working out or doing any physical activity. even though breastfeeding never worked out for any of my kids, the fact that i tried i sware is the only reason i was able to drop even a few lbs. perks of not losing weight, your  body goes right back to being pregnant if you get pregnant again, less stretching it has to do. ALSO – don’t compare yourself to other pregnant women. my friend is due a month before me and she doesn’t even look pregnant.. like AT ALL.

cravings: actually not much different than when i’m not pregnant but i’m loving smores more than usual. cereal, everything coffee related, strawberries.

maternity clothes?: trying SO hard not to buy them, eventually i know i’ll have to, I was convinced i wasn’t having another baby so i kinda gave mine away. a few of my favorite places to shop for maternity clothes are: PinkBlush Maternity, Amazon (obvi), Legoe Heritage  and ASOS (try on coming soon!).

movement: hm a little! i’m actually surprised i haven’t felt more by now because they say the more kids you have the sooner you feel things, but maybe this baby just isn’t a mover like his or her siblings were? at the 20 week anatomy scan everything was great which helped with my anxiety about the baby not moving a lot.

current baby related product favorites: we desperately needed a new diaper bag so i finally got a new one from Freshly Picked (use code: fpxkatelynn) for 25% off for new customers on their diaper bags! there are so many compartments, it’s large enough so that i don’t have to carry a purse with it and there is an insulated pouch inside for cold or hot bottles. also loving this wrap from Solly Baby (I lived with these on after the babies are born, it’s a lifesaver for me to have free hands!)

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