recent Amazon quarantine finds

this month may have been my most random amazon purchase yet. i had quarantine mind when i was ordering. 


eyelash brush // i just hate when my eyelashes get so clumpy and this has helped get all of those clumps out!

rechargeable lighter// this wasn’t actually my find, i feel like it’s all over instagram but it’s genius. i have this candle that i love and couldn’t reach my hand in to light it with a regular lighter so this worked perfect.

patterned coloring book // i share this has helped with my sanity during quarantine. it’s so relaxing and my son even asked if i could order him one.

Hanalei lip treatment // i always use Aquaphor on my lips every single night and for some reason it hasn’t been working as great as it used to. i got this lip treatment and used it for a few days and then even ordered another one i loved it so much. there isn’t a smell and i already feel such a difference in my lips

ribbed midi skirt // this is a non maternity skirt and during this pregnancy these midi skirts have kept me so comfortable. i’m wearing a size SM (even with a bump) and it’s TTS.

Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew – Vanilla // i’m hooked. i haven’t been to Starbucks since all of this happened and  was itching for some Starbucks coffee. i’m obsessed with this. all do is add ice to it and it’s good to go – i don’t add anything. you can buy a case of it, or buy them individually (a little expensive but i’m pregnant soo)

pack of 24 white washcloths // they were only $12 i thought that was a steal. i have a weird thing for white washcloths and sometimes when they’re past the point of no return on how messy they look i just use them to clean around the house and then throw them away so spending $12 on a pack of 24 seemed reasonable.

pack of 4 skinny tumblers // my 11 year old might make fun of me for carrying around a skinny tumbler everywhere but i also catch him carrying his around everywhere too. each kid got a color and now they have their own cup for water that they won’t fight over. i didn’t think $25 for 4 of them was too bad. i haven’t cleaned up any spills in a while.

stackable organizer // my dresser has gotten super unorganized i needed something to put everything in and keep it all together. these are stackable, so easy to use and i love that they’re pink.

microfiber beauty blender // my kids keep stealing mine so i ordered these to just try something different, so far.. so good.


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