halfway there maternity closet

just rounding up the recent maternity and non maternity outfits that i’ve been wearing lately. i’m all about finding things that aren’t maternity that i can still wear while pregnant so that once i’m not pregnant anymore i can still wear them. i hate buying maternity clothes because besides giving them to someone else to use being helpful, i will literally never wear them again. so most things that i wear when i’m pregnant aren’t maternity.

this non maternity dress is actually on sale right now for $14 and is available in a few other colors! i’m wearing a size XS because i did find that it ran really big.

these biker shorts i’m wearing a size M and they’re actually cotton fabric. a lot of the biker shorts i’ve found are more of a workout type material so i was looking for a good cotton one. they comes in like 100’s of colors and are around $10. i actually thought i was ordering the white, but i got the gray and was fine with them

this dress is another non maternity dress and not available, but i found another affordable option that is similar.

the slippers you can find here and they are the best things ever.

okay so these leggings are maternity.. hence why they’re up over my belly. they are on sale right now for only $15 and i’m wearing a size SM but wish that i got them in a size M.

my top is a cutoff top and i’m wearing a size SM. it’s on sale and apparently reversible, but i don’t see how that’s possible.

shoesare on sale too and they are TTS, i’m wearing a size 6.


favorite overalls ever. i have had the same ones for years and love how i can wear them when i’m pregnant too. they’re stretchy, under $30 and TTS.

midi skirts are like life savers when i’m pregnant. they just make me so comfortable during a time when it seems like anything i put on is the worst thing ever.

this one is TTS and i’m wearing a size SM. my striped top is old but here is a similar one that is on sale for $7!

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