baby no. 4: my most asked pregnancy questions

since i’m officially half way there and finally getting some energy back, i figured i’d answer some questions that i’ve gotten asked with pretty much all of my pregnancies. the questions that when you run into someone that you haven’t seen yet since “announcing” your pregnancy you would answer.

are you going to find out what you’re having? we are not! we didn’t with our last two and one of my favorite things about being pregnant is when people like to guess what i’m having. i also really think that it has made my pregnancies seem to go by a little faster (which would totally be in my head, but whatever works). if you are ever on the fence about whether or not to find out, my favorite thing ever in the whole entire world is when you’re in labor and they announce if it’s a boy and girl. you can’t even describe the feeling.

was it planned.. like, were you trying!? i mean, yes.. i get this question. and we know how babies are made sooooo.

do you have names? we have a girl name but currently struggle city on agreeing on a boys name!! i will take all of the boy name recommendations!

do you want a boy or a girl? i’ll take a healthy baby, please!! and so far, so good.

is this your last? maybe, maybe not? honestly, when people ask this question, i feel like i’m the least offended person about it. i honestly feel like i don’t believe i’ll have another baby – but God has his own plan. but, with that said: if anyone is local with a phone number of a great doctor to send my husband to get snipped.. send them my way.

what are you craving? unsweetened (weird, i know) iced tea, specifically from Chick-Fil- A and their breakfast buttered biscuits. #sponserme


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