baby no. 4: my first trimester must-haves

here we go again.

if you can hold off on finding out if you’re pregnant super early, i suggested you do. the earlier you find out the longer it feels like it takes! we found out so early.

week 4 i still wasn’t feeling that sick or tired. i had the occassional boob tenderness and I COULDN’T STOP EATING.

week 5 i still felt pretty good. i little more tired but overall, nothing too crazy.

fast forward to week 13 (because between 5 and 13 i have no clue what’s even going on) and i’ve literally been like how the heck did i do this 3 times already!? i know they say don’t remember, but i really really don’t remember. it’s been debilitating and i know that there are women out there who would dream of being in my shoes so i always try to tell myself to just be thankful and not complain. i would never take this for granted.

all i wanted to do was sleep all day long and unlike any of my other pregnancies, i’ve been getting nausea at night, around 5:00. which actually for me is a little better because then i can just go to sleep whereas if i’m nauseous in the morning, i have all day long to have to try and get the feeling to go away.

week 15 now and feeling great, other than the fact that i have a belly and since i don’t feel the baby move yet, i don’t feel pregnant at all. and since we’re all through the first trimester, i figured i have enough energy to share what has helped me get through it.

for someone who may be pregnant for the first time, the first trimester could hit you like an actual ton of bricks. how you feel may completely take you by surprise. so i figured i’d share what’s helped me get through it:

prenatal vitamins // these are the only brand that i’ve ever been able to eat that didn’t make me so sick and not want to take them.

Hawaiian ice shaver// i know weird, but if you’ve ever been pregnant before and have craved ice, you’ll understand. this is different than a regular ice maker because the ice is super thin and you won’t have to be chomping on ice all day.

coco butter oil // i used this with every pregnancy and have yet to get a stretch mark. i sware by it and i used it twice a day – once in the am and once in the pm before bed.

sea-band // i bought these because i was just so desperate to not feel nauseous. it comes with two in a pack and was like $6. and now i would 100% recommend them to anyone. they have good reviews on Amazon and they can also be used for when you’re going on a boat.

Pink Stork morning sickness sweets // these were the first things that i ordered when i started to feel sick. i’m not sure if they worked, but they taste good and were a distraction from feeling sick for a few minutes and that’s better then nothing, right?


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