Trader Joe’s Favorites pt. 2

so i’ve been to Trader Joe’s a few times since my last “haul” and it was actually like my most read blog post, ever i figured i would share some of the things i’ve picked up since..


creamy spinach and artichoke dip // shout out to my girl Marina for getting me hooked on this. i think it was the first thing i’ve ever bought from TJ’s and i haven’t bought it in soo long. it’s amazing.


triple cheese brie // sorry you have to read it upside down. like i said before, i prefer the triple cream. on some crackers, even with a little siracha – so. good.


rolled oats // the bag in huge and will last you so long. i put some sliced bananas in it for breakfast and since i got my wisdom tooth out i needed something soft to eat.


dark chocolate PB&J minis // i posted these on my last post and i buy them every single time i go. i couldn’t find them anywhere and was kinda freaking out. it’s my little snack i eat right before i got to bed.


peppermint pretzel slims // i don’t even love peppermint and i LOVE these. i couldn’t get enough of them last year and when saw that they started putting out their holiday deserts i was so happy.


cauliflower gnocchi // an every Trader Joe’s run purchase.


tempura cauliflower // a new dinner staple in our house. even my 11 year old lOVEs them.


silver dollar pancakes // i dunno anything about organic, which isn’t why i bought them, but they’re just easy to make pancakes and i figured while i’m there i might as well get them for the kids. they’re so good and so quick in the microwave.


salmon // my husband asked me to pick up salmon because he liked how i made it before and i’ve always really loved how fresh it tastes from Trader Joe’s. this is the never frozen kind but they do have frozen options.

tortilla chips + nacho cheese tortilla chips // the restaurant style are my favorite from Trader Joe’s and the nacho cheese ones because everything tastes better with cheese and now that i’m thinking of it, they’re basically Trader Joe’s doritos.

blue cheese crumbles & shredded cheese blend // two staples that i always get on Trader Joe’s runs. my husband puts blue cheese on literally EVERYTHING.


mexican style roasted corn // legit have not a clue why i bought this but it looked so good and i love corn so i figured why not. let me know if you’ve tried it and what it goes well with!

mandarin orange chicken // i remember a few years ago a friend of mine recommending this (but it’s not healthy) and i don’t know why i just recently bought it but IT’S SO GOOD. my husband and the kids loved it.

brown rice // this was in my last post too. something easy to just throw in the microwave, it comes with 3 bags and you keep it in the freezer. we put it with the tempura cauliflower or the orange chicken.


chicken chiliuiles rojo // noo idea why i bought this but it looked soo good. everything is included in the package, even the chips to make the nachos with! i can’t wait to try it.


mashed cauliflower // we eat this instead of mashed potatoes and it’s delicious. i put a tiny bit of butter and it tastes the exact same. my husband puts blue cheese and siracha too.


chunky guac // the last thing is this quac. my friends marissa and sam said it was really good so i decided to try it.

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