Weekly Favorites

just a couple things from the last few weeks..


dress // just a casual t-shirt dress, wearing a size SM and it’s TTS.

plaid top // this is old, but i linked a similar one.

over the knee boots // okay so, i’m obsessed with these, i bought them in black too. so i originally bought the 5.5 size because that’s all they had left. but then they restocked, like the next day so i ordered my regular size 6 with the wide calf and kept the 6 with the wide calf. the 5.5 DID fit, but i was worried they would be too tight around my thighs. they are a GREAT fit and they stay up with jeans. without jeans, i did find myself pulling them up a little bit but, i feel like that’s just going to happen no matter what.




okay so i hateeee working out. i hate it. i dread having to do it and i’m not one of those people who feel so much better after a good workout. i’m doing a biggest loser challenge with my family members at a local gym so i kindaaa don’t have a choice. BUT the only thing that does help me get through it is being comfortable. this set is from MOVI Activewear and i’m wearing the color Mulberry. I’m wearing a size L in the top and SM in the leggings. They are true to size and they actually have a sizing guide on their website to help if you’re not sure which to order. The leggings are high waisted and there is a reflective pattern so you’re easily seen in different lighting conditions. There are pockets on the sides for your phone and one in the back for a key or anything extra you need. Make sure to follow them on Instagram here and you can see all of the new products they have coming out – I’m obsessed.


top // wearing a size SM.. it’s a little more oversized and more of a crop top.

jeans // these are currently on sale (a little more on the expensive side, i know) but here are a similar, much more affordable pair.

shoes // last year Targe’ but here is a very similar pair.


sweater // i share these sweaters all of the time because they’re my favorite, ever.

jeans // i talk about these all the time and i’m constantly linking them. i’m not kidding when i say i wear them everyday. i’m wearing a size 28 and they’re TTS. highwaisted and comfortable when you sit down after eating a big meal.


sweater // i bought this last year and was SO excited to see it at Nordstrom Rack this year. i’m wearing a size SM and it’s TTS.

faux leather leggings // apparently these are the thing right now. i kinda feel like i’m really dressed up when i’m wearing them – but they’re

shoes // i clearly wear these a lot.

Cabrey’s sweater & boots // she is wearing a size 4 in the sweater and size 7 in the boots.. she is IN LOVE with her boots.


jacket // i love that it’s hoodless. i’m wearing a size SM and it’s TTS.

top // just a regular comfortable t-shirt from Amazon. it comes in a few colors and i would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for an every day tee.

jeans // wearing a size 28 and they’re also TTS.

shoes // wearing a size 6 and they’re TTS. always on sale with your Kohl’s charge!

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