31 pieces of advice for my 21 year old self..

wow, that title tho. does it even make sense? 

i’ll be 31 in a few weeks (ugh, i know) so i figured i would put together some advice that i would give myself if i could give myself advice.


31. it’s okay to not be where you thought you’d be in life. so you haven’t bought a house, or gotten married or started having kids yet. but how lucky are you that you still have all of those amazing things to look forward to.

30. for every action, there is always an equal and opposite reaction, plus a SOCIAL MEDIA OVER REACTION.

29. everyone is dealing with their own shit.

28. it’s cost zero dollars to be nice to someone.

27. coffee isn’t an option, it’s a necessity

26. people aren’t going to be around forever. make sure you’re telling your loved ones how much you love them.

25. wanna wear your white jeans in the middle of winter? wear the jeans, wear whatever TF you want.

24. that quote you used as your AIM password: “friendships come and friendship go, the ones that stay are the one’s that glow..” yeah, that’s legit.

23. don’t set your expectations too high for people.

22. start using under eye cream, it’s preventative (you’ll thank me)

21. those mistakes you’re making? it’s okay. you’re learning.

20. the only person you should be competing against, is yourself.

19. if someone wants to be in your life, they will be in your life. it’s 2019, there are like 12 ways at any given moment that someone can get in contact with you, there’s a reason why they don’t.

18. family is everything and it’s not always blood.

17. find your people. the ones who love you for you no matter what.

16. save your money!! there is noo need for you to be buying a $700 pair of shoes. like you live with your parents, who do you think you are?

15. let the little shit go. i’m not even kidding. this is a big one. make like Elsa, and let it TF goooo.

14. you’re gonna look back at pictures of yourself and think, “wow i can’t believe i thought i was fat then” love your body, it’s never going to look the same.

13. laughing literally cures 99.9% of all the things.

12. take the pictures and the videos, ignore anyone who tells you to put the camera away!

11. embrace getting older. the more you fight it, the harder it is and IT’S HAPPENING.

10. you’re gonna get hurt, it’s inevitable. learning to deal with it the right way is key.

9. it’s perfectly acceptable to not have any clue what you want to do with the rest of your life, even at 31 and being a paralegal for the last 10 years, i still have no clue what i want to be when i get older.

8. it’s okay to say you’re sorry. maybe you didn’t intentionally hurt someone’s feelings, but you did. apologize.

7. sleep in late. you’ll have plenty of time for early Saturday mornings with your kids.

6. like the great Ice Cube once said, “if you a scared mother_______ go to church”. because one day, you’re gonna need Jesus. (wherever your church is and whoever your Jesus is.. you’ll need it believe me).

5. supporting other women is cool. i don’t care if she dated the ex-boyfriend of your best friend who is now her current boyfriend. don’t forget to be that girl that you are at 2am in the bathroom at the club, all day – every day.

4. not everyone is your bFf aAf nMw s4L. it’s all about quality, not quantity.

3. go on random vacations. because eventually, the two words, “random” and “vacation” won’t ever be in the same sentence again.

2. remember that time you thought it was funny when you tweeted “girls over 30, they’re uptight and their skin looks like leather?” Not so funny one day.. listen to your mom and STOP TANNING.

1. don’t ever apologize for who you are. be you, do you. say what you want. do whatever you want. you get one shot at this, don’t spend it worrying about what anyone else thinks or wants.

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