I tried Amazon Prime Wardrobe and..

so i saw on someones thread talking about how they suggested that someone else try a dress from Amazon Prime Wardrobe, however they had never tried it themselves.

so, me being curious too figured I would try it out. now this post isn’t sponsored, it’s not an ad, this is just all me.

let me start off by saying that it’s not your typical Amazon finds that everyone is raving about. these are brands that are Amazon brands (some aren’t too) or discounted higher end brands. it’s definitely more expensive than the regular Amazon stuff, but better quality.

i ordered around $200 worth of clothes, but they don’t charge you yet. but you do have to give your credit card information when checking out. you CAN NOT use a debit card. there is a 7-day count down from the day you receive your items. so i received them today (October 14) and whatever i’m not keeping are due back October 21.

so here are my picks:


crewneck sweatshirt // okay so this is just a basic Hanes crewneck. i’m wearing a size L, i thought it would be more of an oversized look so i’m glad i got the L, but it’s not long enough for me. however, it’s so soft and i love the feeling inside.

shoes // these are SO comfortable. they are like wearing socks and they’re also memory foam. i’m wearing a size 6 (they are TTS) and come in a few colors.

(leggings (on sale for $&) // white t-shirt underneath)


pink v neck sweater // so i didn’t even realize that this was a Juniors and i don’t even hate it. i’m wearing a size M and it’s TTS. it’s more oversized, which i like. you could also even tuck it in the front.

(jeans  – on sale! // shoes)


crewneck sweater // this is one of Amazon’s brands, Daily Ritual. i’m wearing a size SM, but wish that I would have gotten the medium for a bigger look. really soft and you can tell that it’s great quality. it won’t fall apart after you wash.

white tank underneath // so i didn’t photograph this because it’s just a basic $7 tank top and it’s too big for me, but fit under the sweater.

(jeans // shoes)


olive green pants // SOFTEST pants ever. the feel of them is heaven. i’m wearing a size 8, but could have gone with the 6 as they’re a little big and i would wear a belt with the 8. they are high waisted and i love where they come to on my ankle.

(top – old but linked similiar // shoes)


joggers // if you’re looking for a good pair of joggers – THESE are it. they’re under $20 and so soft on the inside. i’m wearing a size SM but could have sized down. i like when the bottom stays around my ankle and with the SM they won’t stay up where i like them.

(v-neck t-shirt // shoes)


jeans // you can easily get discount Levi’s on Amazon. these are great for all year around, stretchy and high waisted. i’ve been trying on so many Levi’s lately and these are probably one of my favorite that i’ve found.

(hat // top // shoes)

OVERALL – i think it’s a great concept. if you’re looking for something out of the normal Amazon finds price range, this is a great alternative. a dress for a wedding? you could order like 5 and not have to pay for them. try them on and return the ones that you don’t want. the only downside i didn’t love was that there wasn’t a huge selection to chose from. i kinda had to really look for what i picked out and some of my choices weren’t eligible for the Prime Wardrobe.

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