Weekly Favorites

another recap of my favorites from this week..


sweater // i’m so festive. this one is from Wooden Ships Knits (my favorite brand of sweaters ever) and it comes in like 4 colors.

faux leather leggings // it’s like you’re more dressed up that you really are because they’re faux leather but they’re actually really leggings.

shoes // these are Target last year and i’ve previously linked another pair that are from Target, but today I linked a pair from Amazon that are 10% off right now when you click the coupon.


dress // I KNOWwWwW.. you’ve seen me in this dress on my page 1,000 times and also someone at the wedding i was at was also wearing the same dress. it’s just THAT GOOD. TTS and comfortable as i was dani

shoes // okay so the ones i have aren’t available anymore. HOWEVER, i’ve linked a more affordable pair and i love them just the same. they also come in various colors and they’re amazon prime. here is another affordable option too.


white tee // wearing a size small and it’s perfect to wear under a long sweater and leggings!

jeans // i joke that i wear these everyday, but it’s actually not a joke. i love them. they’re the most comfortable jeans i’ve ever purchased. they’re expensive, but constantly on sale, like 50% off.

booties // LOVE these booties. i just got them (ordered in Sept.) and they’re pretty comfortable. i wore them around the farm pulling the kids in a wagon and my feet weren’t killing me when we left.

hat // i’ll never understand people who spend an insane amount on a hat that looks just like this. esp if it’s just for the ascetic purpose. i mean, some people really rely on their hats when they’re outside, but majority of the IG people who are wearing them are just for the photos. this is $16!!!!! you could get like 6 of these hats for the price of the 1 that some people would buy.


overalls // they don’t have the light ones anymore, but i liked the same ones in a different color!

shoes // besides the fact that they’re so comfortable.. they’re leopard print.

black tank // my favorite basic tanks from Target and it’s also 20% off, ending tonight

cardigan // a little more than i would like to spend on a cardigan, but i got it during the Nordstrom sale and I’m glad i did


top // resharing this top because it was one of my most requested for the link to and it’s currently on sale!



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