Cabrey’s “birth story”

I’m not really into the whole birth story thing. Not that I even have an opinion about it, I’ve just never really wanted someone pregnant to read mine and get freaked out – everyone has their own story and I feel like going into labor the BEST thing you can do for yourself is to be as relaxed as possible. I feel like reading other women’s stories would just stress someone out!

And this is not a birth story.

BUT. There were circumstances during (and after) my pregnancies that other women may go through and I feel it’s important to share those things with other women, just in case ..let them know they’re not alone.

So, I’ll start from the beginning.

I don’t have a super emotional video of me telling my husband about being pregnant or had an elaborate plan that involved an actual bun and actual oven. I took a test and while he was in the shower, I screamed (was crying) and told him. If you know us, that’s kinda just how we do things around here.

We went to my OBGYN and the first ultrasound showed a sack with nothing in it. We were told there was a 70% chance I was having a miscarriage. I obviously went into crazy mode. I took like 3 tests every day (which I kept and they’re in a bag in my drawer) and when when we went back for another ultrasound, there she was.

Overall the pregnancy was pretty normal. We bought our first house and had to move in quickly. It needed a lot of work and thinking back I have no clue how we did it. There was ALOT going on.

My last few prenatal visits it seemed pretty obvious something was up. She was breach and her head was in the middle at the top of my stomach, right below the middle of my boobs. Talk about uncomfortable.

I have the most relaxed doctor ever. I remember having to have an ultrasound in the office after the 20 week ultrasound and every week we would check and she was still breach. Pretty early on he said if she stayed breach I could have a version (aka external cephalic version). A c-section was always an option but he spoke about a version so nonchalantly, I didn’t think anything of it. I thought it was pretty normal, like something he did everyday. I mean a c-section scares the shit out of me.

Then I remember telling someone I was having a version if she doesn’t flip and her eyes lit up. “Uhhh are you sure you wanna do that?” I dunno, I thought it was like an everyday occurrence. Before that comment I didn’t even google it. After that comment, I googled it. If your baby is breech, DON’T google it. I was immediately terrified praying, doing yoga stretches & pelvic thrusts for weeks trying to get her to turn but in true Cabrey fashion, she does what she wants – and didn’t want to turn.

Correct me if I’m wrong (it’s been 4 years) but it had to be done after 37 weeks. So even though she was breech early on, we still couldn’t do it sooner because of the chances of her just turning back, there’s too much room for her in there before full term.

So it was scheduled for the Monday before Thanksgiving. I went to labor and delivery, they walked me to a room and hooked me up to all of the monitors. The best part is that someone I knew growing up walked in as the resident doctor: “omg hi!! how are you!?” as she is literally checking my cervix to see if I’m dilated. Besides the fact that that someone I know has their hand in my cervix (I was gonna say vagina but I thought that was kinda TMI), I was like how am I old enough to know someone my age that’s a doctor already! Moving on..

When I say it was like a science experiment, i’m not even kidding. So about 15 doctors and nurses came into the room. They’re all standing around me, note pads in hand. My doctor came in and I’m all like, uhhh no sorry – I don’t think i can do this. and he’s all like, yeah why not, lets just take a shot. and i’m all like.. uhhh okay fine I’m so scared.

So, he gets three other doctors plus himself. Two stand on my right side and two stand on my left. They put this cloth like thing over my stomach that was super tight, hmm like the consistency of stockings, maybe like an oversized compression stocking. Then, they have another nurse or doctor, I don’t really remember.. with the ultrasound machine on my stomach. I felt like I was in an episode of Grey’s. Like a less dramatic episode. And then they laid me super flat, put both hands on the baby on my belly (so that’s 8 hands on my stomach) and in unison, as I was taking deep breaths, they all started to slowly apply A TON pressure on both sides of the baby pushing clockwise. And after about 10 minutes, she was fully turned, head down.

Like, that’s it. Literally end of the birth story. How anticlimactic is that? I was shocked. However, after saying how easy that was, my doctor did let me know that it doesn’t always happen like that. But, she turned, they gave me some medicine to thin my cervix, I got an epidural (it didn’t work bc my dumbass thought it would be fun to wait until the last second to get one) I screamed for what felt like hours (apparently it was only minutes) and then she was here. And her personality reflects the way she came into this world, 100%.

If I had known someone who has been through it and how easy it was, I wouldn’t have been scared. After having it done I came to find I knew people who opted for the csection instead of having the version done because they were too scared. It was a piece of cake.

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