No spend October: what’s in my Amazon cart week 2

uh yeah i’m gonna do this every week because i’m obsessed with Amazon and am always looking through..

one // slippers – so they’re hard on the bottom, which is good they don’t get ruined quickly and they’re considered “indoor and outdoor”. they’re super affordable and come in a five colors.

two // gylcolic acid face wash – so i’ve been using this and i can’t take credit for finding it AT ALL. another blogger swore by it and it had great review so i tried and let me tell you. my skin has never been the same. i’m almost out and need to order more. a little goes a long way and it’s worth every penny.

three // makeup brush cleaning mat – i clean my brushes and i feel like i could be doing much better job so i wanted to get something like this to help a little bit.

four // Not Your Mothers dry shampoo – so i purchased this as a sample at Target and love it. i put it out there on IG asking people what is their favorite dry shampoo and this was the no. 1 answer so i didn’t even buy another kind to try. i officially don’t wash my hair every night now.

five // okay don’t judge me. 1. they hold my hair better than regular ones and 2. cabrey keeps stealing mine!

six // ah. so if anyone has used this LMK. danny was in his seat the other day and Tony literally had to sit in the back while holding his head up because i just felt so bad for his little neck! i figured $11 from Amazon would be worth a shot to try out..

seven // no more Mod About You’s officially Linkin Park After Dark season (i don’t get to the salon often so i like to have it at my house).

eight // if you didn’t already know because i’ve told you 100 times, it’s wedding season and there’s no way i’m putting this body into a tanning booth ever again for the rest of my life. my friend gave me this to try when i ran out and really liked it.

nine // how long and when are you supposed to get a new one of these? seems like a pretty good deal for that many for not that much to spend on it. especially if you go through them quickly.

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