Wedding Szn: Guest Dresses

okay so i Googled “wedding season” and i got: late summer and early fall are the most popular time of year to get married.

this might’ve been obvious to you but whatev. we’re currently knee deep in wedding season and since i’ve had 3 weddings (one each month) during this ‘wedding season’, so i figured i’d share some wedding guest dresses i’ve tried on and picked out that i love.


black dress // okay so i was actually really looking forward to this dress. i wanted a black dress but one that wasn’t too plain. this one has a little cut out on the torso area (below the boobs) that is a little see through and there is deff an underboob. eh, i’m not too all about underboob to a wedding but i was THINKING of having some fabric added so it wouldn’t be see through because i really love the fit and dress. i’m wearing a size 6 and it’s TTS. the fabric is really soft and the polka dot pattern is a velvet type feel.

orangish dress // okay so i didn’t love this on me and I’m most likely going to return it. i love the off the shoulder part and how it goes around the back, i’m wearing a size 6 and it’s TTS but i wasn’t huge fan of the slit in the front. it comes in 5 colors and is currently on sale for only $20.

green dress // if you’ve been following me you know that i’ve shared this about a month or so ago but i still haven’t worn it and it’s still one of my favorites. it comes in 8 colors, there is one that’s a deep red that i LOVE and would be perfect for a fall wedding. here it is in the tall version.


red dress // i know you’ve probably seen this 100 times on my ig and here but it’s a favorite. i know a few people who have purchased it and wore it and everyone looks FIRE in it. it fits TTS and really comfortable.

a few i’ve picked out that i haven’t tried on are:

green one shoulder // only $26 on Amazon, hot cute it this. it comes in 5 colors, white being one – that you could wear for your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner!

black leather // obsessed with this dress. i love the mix of leather and it’s a little more pricey, but you could wear it to more than one wedding and make it worth the money.

black w/ sleeves // i’m not a huge fan of the shorter skirts on me, but i would risk it for this dress. i really like the different sleeves. and it’s under $50

green midi // clearly i’m into the green right now and ASOS is one of my favorite places to get a dress for a wedding. love the little flare at the bottom and it’s currently on sale. (they also have it in a long sleeve red here)

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