Trader Joe’s Favorites

the obsession with trader joe’s is real.

i loveeee seeing what people get and what they hate/love and i also love seeing the new seasonal things they put out during each different season. once i watched buzzfeed girls try every single type of christmas candy and rate them and i thought it was actually really insightful/hilarious.

so, in case you’re interested here are a few things i’ve picked up recently:



okay so first i’m not taking credit for this one. i totally saw it on another bloggers page but, IT’S SO GOOD. so you take the bruschetta dip, mix it with some crumpled feta and the cooked lentils and it’s such a good snack/dip. you can put it out for a party or just eat it all yourself.. it’s amazing.



when i buy this seasoning blend i literally buy 3 at a time because sometimes when you go in there aren’t any left! that’s happened a few times. it’s great on literally EVERYTHING. avocado + toast with this sprinkled ontop is my favorite. and then they went ahead and put it in a dip with greek yogurt. ugh. so. good.


my kids are obsessed and they eat half of the box as we’re walking through the store.



these tortilla chips are perfect for salsa. not too salty and paired with this corn and chile salsa, it’s great. i also have to say that while i do like this “tomato-less salsa” i think it would be even better with tomato. i eat it anyway, obi.



two dinner options. “reduced-guilt” had me sold and these chicken sausage ARE MY FAV. i cut them up with some pasta sauce and zucchini noodles and i love it. i don’t even know if chicken sausage is a healthier option but i prefer it. and my husband who doesn’t even like chicken sausage loves it.



weird obsession with brie. this one is triple cream and after trying a few other kinds, this is my favorite. these Raisin Rosemary Crips (they also come in pumpkin for this season) come highly recommended so i’m excited to try them together. they also have this apple butter that i paired with the brie and it was amazing.



the tempura cauliflower also came recommended, i suppose i should have tried it before posting this but if you look it up, it has good reviews. pairing it with some super easy to cook brown rice. their mashed cauliflower is really good as well.


omg chocolate hummus. too i’m not huge hummus person to be honest. i’ve tried so many different kinds but i buy it, eat a little bit and always end up throwing the rest way. but CHOCOLATE hummus? game changer. a healthier version of the dunkaroos chocolate frosting. i paired it with these pretzel slims that i pick up overtime i go for different dips and stuff and the kids love them.



these pb&j minis, UGH. too good. they are individually wrapped and they’re perfect if you’re looking for something small for your chocolate fix. these lemon cookies aren’t good for you at all and you could eat the whole sleeve in one sitting but i get them for a little crunch when i’m having my tea at night.


last but not least.. shredded cheese. just your average cheese that my kids eat and love.

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