No Spend October: What’s in my Amazon cart

so if you’re following me on instagram you might know that i’m doing a “no spend October” – where i’m not spending money on myself.

and i mean, no clothes, makeup, Starbucks (i know, i’m gonna die) but food it off the table. so i’m allowed to pay to feed myself. and i can buy stuff for the kids, obvi.

and even though i might not be buying anything.. i can still look! so here are some things that i currently have in my Amazon cart:


one // i’m not even a huge yellow or lace person but i just really loved this dress.

two // here’s to hoping everyone who is wearing their slip ons are wearing these socks because if not, make sure you’re spraying your shoes with this: Fresh Fogger

three // okay so this is for Danny. i know i’m buying stuff for the kids BUT I’M TRYING NOT TO.. so this isn’t a necessity but i want it so, it’s just in my cart for now.

four // boots for CABES. again, not something i HAVE to have this exact second so, it’s staying in the cart. but how cute are they! only $20!

five // love me a good bodysuit and want all of the long sleeves since hopefully today is the last day in the 90s.

six // okay so i can’t take credit for finding this BABE shirt, but it’s so cute and i want it. it’s only $10!

seven // if you’ve been following me i’m sure you know i love my white tees. this one is an Amazon best seller and looks like it would be perfect to wear with leggings.

eight // my favorite Steve Madden slip ons are only $34.99. i have them in the tan and really love the gray. so comfortable and TTS.

nine // okay so everyone is buying hats, but how are we all hanging them on our wall? these look like they would be great to use, are only $11.99 and come in a pack of 8.

ten // these aren’t in the picture but i love my the big ones to this set and i really wanted to buy them again because they’re too good! my ears didn’t get infected or turn green!

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