Weekly Favorites

a week late, on well.


striped sweater // okay so i bought this so randomly like, 1am. pleasantly surprised (which is what i say about everything i get from Amazon, i know) i’m wearing a size SM and it’s TTS. more of a cropped looked than wearing it with leggings. also – someone i know had messaged me and bought this and said something must’ve happened when it was in the mail because the bottom was messed up. she messaged the seller and they told her to keep the one that was messed up and they were sending her a new one. SO IF THAT HAPPENS TO YOU (with anything) make sure you contact the seller and let them know!!

jeans // most favorite jeans ever, chances are if you see me during the weekend, i’m wearing these jeans. i think i wear them everyday. i’m wearing a size 28, they’re TTS and the pair that don’t have holes in them (here) are currently 50% off.

shoes or a more affordable option // these are so worn in i wear them so much. so comfortable and TTS.


off the shoulder top // okay so it’s a little more on the expensive size. so if you keep scrolling there is a much cheaper (Amazon) option. i’m wearing a size SM here and it’s more tighter around the bottom. perfect for a little baby bump!

jeans // these are more of a jogging from Old Navy. they’re TTS and elastic around the waist. i’m wearing a size 28. they would be great for that first trimester during pregnancy or after you have the baby and want to wear jeans, but still want to be comfortable.

shoes // favoriet from target last year. these are an alternative.


top // my first attempt at snakeskin and it’s only $20. one of my fav. bloggers teamed up with Nordstrom Rack and this was one of shirts from her line. so cute, affordable and you could dress it up or dress it down. i’m wearing a size SM and it’s TTS. not too long, so it would go really well with high waisted jeans.

jeans // these are gems from LemonLun.com – they’re highwaisted and as you can see from the color that they don’t fade in the wash (always a good thing). they’re TTS and have the perfect stretch. ALSO- keep a look out because Lemon Lun will be launching some fall favorites soon!

shoes // these plain black flats i’ve had forever and they’re another good Amazon find. they were perfect for work when I had to dress up everyday.


off the shoulder top // okay so this is the alternative to the expensive Free People top. super cute, but definitely different than the picture. I’m wearing a size SM, but wish that i had ordered a M because i wanted more of an oversized look.

jeans // these are the same Old Navy leggings from the previous photo.

shoes // my leopard flats ❤ these are a little more on the expensive side, but if you keep looking these up on Amazon, they like change prices from week to week. here is another cheaper alternative.


white t-shirt // officially the most DM’d thing i’ve ever posted. okay so overtime i go to my parents i either steal my dads crew neck sweatshirts, v-neck tees and socks. this just so happens to be one of the v-neck tees that i stole and i can’t even tell you how many questions I got about it!! he wears a size L – so in case you’re looking for this length, size 2 sizes up.

plaid top (another option here – yes, it’s mens.. but i’d wear it and here) // i feel like the fact that i tie these shirts around my waist people think it’s unnecessary, but i really do wear them. this is sold out but i’ve tagged a few similar ones.

faux leather leggings // okay so these are American Apparel from like, 10 years ago. SOO happy that i saved them because they are my favorite ever. pretty sure i wore them out every single night. (another option here and here)


cardigan // so this cardigan is from the Nordstrom sale, 2 years ago and I found it on the Nordstrom Rack site in three different colors.

white t-shirt // the same white v-neck from my previous photo.

leggings // FAVORITE leggings ever and they’re on sale. i’m wearing a size SM and they’re TTS. these are my favorite brand. you can wash them 10 times and they never lose their color!

flats // same from above (Amazon)


jeans // i was looking for an affordable pair of jeans that didn’t have any rips or holes or anything and that were ankle length. these are only around $30, darker blue, TTS and you can’t see it but around the top where the button is, it’s elastic inside. genius. they’re too comfortable and they’ll help me when i’m super uncomfortable from my food baby.


sweater // they say you are what you eat and that would make sense because I am a literal piece of candy corn and i’m not mad about it. i’m wearing a size SM and it’s TTS. more of a cropped fit, just like the striped green and white sweater.

jeans // same from above (Lemonlun.com)


hat // i have no idea why i wanted a faux suede hat but when i searched for one on Amazon and I found this for $6 (i think it’s like $8 now). so comfortable and comes in a few colors.

white t-shirt // this seems to be a pattern for me. i just can’t have enough white t-shirts. this is a size SM and it’s TTS.

plaid long sleeve // just another plaid button up. i’m wearing a size SM and it’s TTS.

jeans // green jeans from Old Navy. love the great. i’m wearing a size 8 and they’re TTS. they also have some stretch to them, which i love.

booties // old from Forever 21 (you may have seen them from prior posts because they’re my favorite) but here are a similar pair!


cardigan // love a good Kohl’s find. this is currently on sale and i’m wearing a size S. it’s more oversized and I’M OBSESSED.

gray top // just an everyday gray v-neck tee that is currently on sale. wearing a size M.

black jeans // these are Zara jeans, but here are an almost identical pair from Old Navy.


purple dress (is currently sold out) BUT  here is another one  that is similar and only $20! // i wore it to my friends’ daughters baptism and it was so comfortable! i was a little worried about it being so tight around my neck, not gonna lie, but it wasn’t suffocating at all. i’m wearing a size 6 and it’s pretty TTS. i bought the petite one, but the regular size is here.

red dress // DON’T FORGET TO USE CODE “GIMME30” FOR 30% OFF. i loved everything about this dress. it fit great, i didn’t have to wear a bra and i didn’t have to keep pulling it up all night (because it’s technically a strapless dress). i’m wearing a size 6 and it’s TTS.

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