My month of mascara

okay more like, three months of mascara but “month of mascara” just sounded better as a title. eyelashes, like eyebrows, seem to be THE THING these days. whether you’re paying 100’s of dollars for eyelash extensions (no judgment here) or just a pro at putting on your own falsies, there is nothing like the perfect mascara to add that finishing touch.

so i decided i was going to find the perfect drug store mascara. one where it wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg and you would still get that look you would get with a more expensive one.


okay so this Buxom Mascara isn’t a drug store brand, but it’s one of my favorites that i’ve been using for years, so i’m sharing it with you anyway because i didn’t technically purchase it for this specific “finding the perfect drug store mascara” purpose. but it’s a good one (around $22 – expensive)


nope. hated the Telescopic. i think i broke the brush applicator as i was putting it back in. i would recommend it for your lower lashes, i guess. also hated how small the part that you hold is (around $10)


i’d give the Maybelline Snapscara like.. a 6 out of 10. super thin from the beginning. it never clumped, even after i kept putting it on and on. it’s a curved brush so i was able to get closer to my eye, which i liked. (about $6)


at first, i didn’t love the Maybelline Total Temptation, it really seemed to clump right off the bat. i know.. i can add a drop of essential oil or something to thin it out but i didn’t love that i would have had to do that right away. i did use it a few times because i didn’t want to count it out right away but i didn’t love it. (about $6)


Great Lash: Lots of Lashes – well of course i had to try it, there has to be a reason why it’s been around since literally the beginning of time. this “Lots of Lashes” is a super odd shaped brush. which i didn’t love. i liked how it went on, super smooth, but the brush was just way too aggressive for me. (around $8)


my best friend, i won’t mention any names (cough, Noelle, cough) had the best eyelashes ever one day.. pretty sure it was her 30th birthday and she had just finished a SoulCycle class (of course she would look like a dime piece after working out for an hour and a half) ANYWAY – they were on freaking point. and she mentioned that she uses the Lancome Monsieur Big.. the words just coming out of her mouth sounded expensive, i had NO idea what she just said and i knew i wouldn’t remember.

so, fast forward to now when i’m trying DRUGSTORE brand mascara – she’s sliding into my DM’s telling me how dumb i am and to just buy the Lancome. okay, i bought it, i used it and i love it. it’s a game changer, 100%. i would recommend it 10 times out of 10. i think my favorite part about it is how big the handle is but it comes with the hefty (at least to me) $25.


HOWEVER, with that said. during my drugstore mascara travels i came across the L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise¬†and i have to say it comes into a REALLY CLOSE 2nd to the Lancome. it’s only $10 and extremely comparable. at first, i wrote it off because i thought it was too clumpy the first time i tried it but as i kept trying it, i found that i really liked it! i would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a really good affordable drugstore mascara.

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