Weekly Favorites

i can’t even believe summer is over and it’s already September. spending this week getting all of my lemons away and bringing out everything PUMPKIN.

here are the last of my summer favorites..


wedding season is here! we have three weddings in the next few months so i’ve been searching for dresses. this one is only $40 (usually on sale, it’s currently on sale for only $16!) and comes in a few colors. they also have this one and this is the petite option! – which are really similar. it takes about a week, week and a half to get to you (unless you pay for faster shipping) and pretty TTS – sometimes they run a little small so if you’re able to buy two in two different sizes, i would suggest that to see which would fit better. // the shoes are here and on sale.


kinda but not really sweater weather // waking up everyday it’s like 60 degrees but by 2:00 p.m. it’s 90 so i find myself grabbing a sweater but wearing sandals, very confusing. i’m wearing a size M in this sweater (this brand tends to run a little small) // jeans are TTS and these sandals are last year but here are a similar pair.


love me a good bodysuit // wearing a size S – free people for me seems to run a little bigger so i sometimes size down and it comes in 4 colors. my jeans i sized up, they’re on sale! and my slides are TTS (they’re last year but here are a similar pair)


are they called sneakers or shoes? // my cardigan runs a little big, it’s not currently on sale (i picked it up at the Nordstrom sale) but i’m sure it will be soon, cardigan’s are my go-to for the cool mornings. my jeans are TTS (on sale for $20) and this top is a size M (i like the longer length). i’ve shared these shoes before – most comfortable EVER.


for me, fall is skirt season! // i’m short so sometimes when i wear skirts i feel like it makes me look even shorter. i’m wearing a M in this one (again, this brand tends to fit on the smaller side). my hat comes in soo many color options, my shoes are TTS and I got them on sale for only $27! my top is the one from my most recent blog post about my white tees (you can find it here)


girls are LOVING their band tees recently // i got this one a few years ago – it literally popped up on my Facebook memories that i wore it the exact same day like, 6 years ago when i was visiting my brother in Boston. here are a few other options that are just as cute (and some really affordable: here). my jeans are ZARA, but you can find ones just like it here(on sale for $25) and my shoes are the ones from my first picture (see up top)


i might not live in the south but i do love me a good pair of cowboy boots! these were a gift from my husband – he might yell at me that i don’t wear them enough, but 1. i’m too scared to ruin them and 2. they’re one of those things that come out for special occasions! i’m wearing a size 6 and they’re TTS. OBSESSING over this t-shirt dress. i’m wearing a size S and it’s TTS. how cute would it be with a little baby bump and some biker shorts. ugh.


these shorts though. they are from Lemonlun and currently on sale for only $20 (hurry because the sale is over today!) my bodysuit is a L (i always size up in them with the exception of my Free People one)

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