Target Try On with my Girl.

so i asked on IG what everyone wanted to see more of on my IG/blog and the #1 answer, by far, was of Cabes (not surprised). so in an effort to give you more Cabes in your life, i took her with me on a try on. not gonna lie, i was super nervous. she’s extremely strong willed (to say the least) so i wasn’t sure if she would love it, or hate it. and she LOVED it. she is her mothers daughter. considering she didn’t have a nap and it was like 4:00 pm, she kept it together and it was much more fun than i anticipated.


denim dress – Cabrey white skirt dress // wearing a size S and it was TTS.

knit cardigan // wearing a size S, it’s very long, so you could also size down.


yellow dressCabrey white dress // wearing a size S and it’s TTS, love the length


leopard crew neck (can’t find anywhere on their website!) – Cabrey white top // wearing a size XS because it looked big on the hanger but could have gone with the S, it felt a little too tight for me.

black jean shortsCabrey leopard print leggings // wearing a size 4 because that’s all they had left, but would have been good with the size 6. they weren’t up my ass, even in a smaller size.


leopard print knit top // leopard print knit shorts – wearing a size XS in the shorts (could be a S) and S in the top.. the top had a bigger fit, but i liked it.

long off-white skirtwhite tank – Cabrey multicolored dress // wearing a size 4 and it fits perfectly. I’ve been eyeing this skirt overtime i pass it and it was my favorite thing i tried on!


striped shorts Cabrey striped shorts// wearing a size XS and they fit really well. they weren’t too tight.


blue striped t-shirt dress // Cabrey white dress – wearing a size XS and it fit good, it looked big on the hanger, so i sized down


Cabrey Little Mermaid dress



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