Old Navy Try On

use code SWEET for 20% off everything!  + ignore my ugly knees, i never realized how weird knees are.


striped romper // i’m wearing a size XS because it was all they had closest to my size in the store, but i definitely would have gone with a S. i’m not wearing a bra, which is  made it really comfortable


blue romper // i love how it’s a tie front and there is a little button in front of the boobs so they’re not flying all over the place. i’m wearing a size S and it’s TTS.


yellow top // LOVE everything about this top and when it was on the rack i really didn’t think i would! it also has a button to hold my boobs in and can be loosened where it’s tied. it’s also tied on the inside

white jeans // i’m wearing a size 6 and when they say super skinny they’re not messing around. i had to size up to an 8 because they were cutting off my circulation.


white and blue striped top // i’m wearing a size S but i could have gone with a M, it’s a little short and i like my tops a little longer.

white shorts // wearing a size 6 and they’re TTS, not too short which is always a plus!


white top // wearing a size S and it’s TTS, i loveee the length. it’s perfect to tie, tuck in the front or tuck in the whole thing.

yellow striped shorts // i’m wearing a size M because that’s all they had left. they’re super soft and also have a matching top. i didn’t even notice the top until i was walking out and it caught my eye, both would look so cute together.

jean shorts // these are like the white ones, they are their boyfriend type shorts and the length is just perfect for me. i go to some stores and my ass is literally hanging out. my kids would die if i would out of the house like that and my husband will remind me i’m not 16 anymore.


boyfriend jeans // since they’re boyfriend you can size down. i’m wearing a size 6 and i don’t know if you can notice that they’re actually extra big. i LOVE me a good pair of boyfriend jeans and these are perfect.

blazer // i saw this blazer and just had to try it on. i’m wearing a size S and it has a little bit of an oversized fit but the texture was really different. i was really liking it.

bag // how cute is this bag! you can wear it how i am, or take the long strap off and use it as a purse.


rainbow top // give me all of the pride wear. this boyfriend top is a size L because that’s all they had left, but i did come home and order it online in a small!

black jean shorts // i’ve been looking everywhere for the perfect black shorts and these did not disappoint. i actually saw these on someone else when they were trying clothes on so i went back and grabbed them. i’m wearing a size 6 and they’re TTS.


i don’t even work out.

leggings // i tried on a size M and a size S and the S might have been a little too tight but i did prefer the S. they’re actually comfortable. some of the patterns just look so much better on other women than me.

sports bra // i’m wearing a size M and i’m a 36DD. it wasn’t too tight (i hateeee when they’re too tight) and my boobs were falling out of the top. the material was really soft and not being a huge fan of sports bras, i really liked this one.

shorts // only $12 and much more my style. i’m wearing a size S and they’re TTS.

tank // again, much more my style. i love the tie detail which is in the back and the fact that it’s a little more oversized. i mean i don’t work out but if/when i do i need a more loose fitting top, i can’t do it if it’s too tight.

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