all of the negativity and politics all over social media is literally making me sick.  i have never, in my life, ever let politics affect me. i’ve never voted, i don’t read about it and i kind of just pretend it doesn’t even exist (don’t @ me) but we are now living in a place where a man is able to tell a woman what she can and can’t do with her body via the government and i feel like i just can’t ignore it anymore.

so, this is where my hashtag boss bitches came from. i decided i’m going to start a monthly (maybe more, maybe less) post about the boss women in this world, because we deserve to be celebrated and supported. because we are so much more than how government apparently sees us.

i mean if we don’t stick up and support each other, who else will?! whether you’re a boss ass stay at home mom, business owner, someone who supports other women, someone who just started a business or is just a nice person for absolutely no reason, this is for you.

Lemon Lun – CTAbout-image_1024x1024

i think it’s no surprise that my first feature would be for my girl Melissa of Lemon Lun. people keep asking me how i know her. even though our brothers are best friends i’m convinced that they were only best friends so that we could meet. it has to have been over year now when she started talking to me about opening her own online boutique. fast forward i can’t even begin to believe how amazing everything as turned out. the attention to small details blows my mind. opening her own boutique has been a dream of hers and she’s doing it. i know it can’t be easy, so many what ifs come with making such a big move, but it’s happening and i can’t be more honored to have been a small tiny part of it. you have to check out her store. trendy, affordable  pieces. she really thinks about what will work on every body type (even for us petite, big boob girls) and there are soo many more new pieces she has coming up.. you can find her on Instagram here: @shoplemonlun, follow her on Pinterest to see how her pieces are styled on other women here: Lemon Lun or go right to her boutique and SHOP your little heart out, Lemon Lun. Use code: Katelynn15 for 15% off your order and she is currently having a free shipping promotion. DON’T FORGET to subscribe to her email list so that you can keep up to date with everything that is coming!


oils for days – TX75A1CDF6-F48B-49B1-9201-E24422E235C8

oils just aren’t my thing. i mean everything isn’t for everyone right? so when i first started following my girl Lacey on Instagram it was because she was super real. fresh out  of her 20’s, mom of two boys and one girl (samesies), full time gym teacher (who actually will be starting at a new school soon) and just overall one of the realest people you can find in a world full of fake (aka Instagram). you can literally feel how passionate she is about oils in the way she talks about them. i don’t have anything to do with oils but i constantly find myself watching her live videos as she’s explaining everything completely convinced. if you’re looking to buy oils, get educated or looking to sell them: join her team, order some from her or ask her questions. she is always willing to answer any you have – either way, give her a follow here: @Dilworthoilytribe.


GroveInc. Co. – PAC77CA338-9F92-48A4-9113-FC914A6D7B32

you know what they say about small towns, everyone knows everyone. that’s us + i’m thankful to be in the same town as her! how freaking talented is she!!!!!! i look at her work and am completely in awe of her talent. she just started her business and i know she is going to be huge. noo clue how she is able to juggle her business and take care of her two little babes, but she does it and her work speaks for itself. whether you need a seating chart for a wedding (above), a last name sign on your wall or month cards for those cute baby pictures, she can do it for you. she does everything by hand and it’s incredible. check out her on Instagram here: GroveInc. Co.


WHERE ALL MY BOSS BITCHES AT. if you know someone or even want me to help spread the word about your passion.. email, DM, Facebook message, find me on the street (which will never happen because i’m lazy and barely leave my house) but still – find me.


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