Blogging: my most asked questions.

So, my friend Cait over at has something similar to this post, here.

i’m not going to waste anytime, so lets dive right in.

“Do you actually make money??”

I dunno maybe if I didn’t do it I wouldn’t think it’s strange to ask that question, so I really don’t hold it against people who do. But like, my full time job is a paralegal – would you ask me if I actually made money doing that? Technically it’s the same scenario. Do I make money? Yes. Did I quit my day job and now drive a Range Rover? No. Making money wasn’t my initial goal when starting. I just needed a creative outlet and then once I started getting contacted by some brands it became something I was really passionate about (sometimes).

“How much have you made?”

No one really asks me this other than my brothers who make fun of me, but you can call me Nene Leakes because I am rich bitch. Jk, obvi.

“How do you make money?”

Well, there are a million and one blog articles via Pinterest that you can search that list the ways. I have worked with brands who have reached out to me (via DM or email) and I have also worked with brands who I wanted to work with. I have worked with some who just sent me products in exchange for an Instagram post and I have worked with some who have sent me a specific amount of money for an Instagram post. There are agencies who work with brands that hire “influencers” that you can join and apply for campaigns.

When I link clothes to the App and someone purchases it from there, I get a commission on what is sold. All of the links in my blog are connected to that site so when you click on the links and make a purchase, I receive a commission. (p.s. if you do this – thank you!!!)

You really get what you put into it. Much like how I am in my everyday life, I am also lazy in my blogging life. I see bloggers out there killing it because they’re out shooting every weekend, going to a blogger event a week and constantly pitching brands, that’s just not me.

“How do brands find you?”

No clue. I guess I could ask where they found me, but to be honest I don’t even really care. Brands are looking at how many followers you have, how many likes you get and your engagement rate (how many people are commenting on your photos – yeah, that’s a thing). There’s like a website where they can plug your IG handle in and it’ll tell you someone’s rate.

“How do you get followers?”

This is like, my favorite. I dunno? I’ve had my blog and IG for over 2 years. I guess I could ask each and every follower where they found me? There are ways to gain followers, which yes – I have done.

There are groups that bloggers have in their DM’s where each person follows each other and they call comment, like, save and share each other’s stuff.

I mean look at all of the bloggers that you follow on Instagram, you have to live in a bubble to not have seen all of the giveaways that are being done. These giveaways ensure followers by entering into the giveaway. You think bloggers are just having giveaways for shits & giggles? It’s genius. However, there’s like a percentage that will unfollow you so you’re taking a chance but if you do enough of them, you’ll gain followers.

There are “follow trains” which I actually don’t even really understand at all.

In my opinion (which really doesn’t even matter) I get more followers when I’m real and authentic in my posts. People want relatable. They want to feel like you’re just like them, when essentially, you are. I honestly think people can sense fake. When you’re portraying this fake perfect life, you’re only hurting yourself. But then again I could be completely wrong, I lose followers like it’s my job. the amount of followers and likes makes you only as good as those numbers and some bloggers are sooo much better than the numbers.

“Do you keep all of the clothes that you post?”

Sometimes I have and sometimes I haven’t. If you see me wearing it, I’ve kept it. But when I do a try on there are things I don’t want to keep. I don’t wear them and return them; I just try them on and decide. I don’t have a preconceived notion on things I’m going to keep and things I’m going to return. Sometimes I’ve kept nothing and sometimes I’ve kept everything.

“Do you get free clothes?”

Define “free”. I get clothes mailed to me and I have to post a picture in them soo technically they’re not free. But I have had brands send me clothes that didn’t even ask for a post in return.

“How do I start a blog?”

My blog is hosted through They literally have step by step instructions and have premade templates for you to use. I’m sure you could also hire someone to make your website for you? But I know nothing about that. You can buy your domain (mine is “”) for a small amount of money that you pay annually to keep. There are 1000’s of youtube tutorial’s on how to set everything up, which is what I do 99.9% of the time.



outfit: jeans (currently 50% off and SO COMFORTABLE), they’re TTS and perfectly highwaisted.

tank // wearing a size M because i wanted more of an oversized shirt.

slides // target last year but linked similar ones

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