Weekly Favorites

I’m been so busy with Christmas shopping I haven’t been able to do any try ons or share my outfits – NOT. I haven’t bought 1 christmas gift yet. i’m just so good at procrastinating.


striped top // one of my Nordstrom favorites. it’s TTS, i’m wearing a small and runs a little big.

jeans // i’ve been waiting for these to go on sale! they’re a little pricey, even on sale.. but they’re worth it. wearing a size 28 and they’re TTS. they are high waisted and supposed to be more of an ankle length, but i’m short so if you’re taller than 5’3, you’ll be a little shorter on you

slides // i picked these up at my local Target for only $6. they were the last ones left and magically were my size. i’ve linked them here in white, the tan color it says is currently out of stock.


flannel // this flannel is old, but here is another option just like it

vest // wearing a size S, TTS and it is currently on sale!


jeans // these are the Old Navy one’s I got for $6 during one of their sales. they’re TTS and even if they’re not on sale, they’re only $15!

shoes // obsessed with these shoes. they’re TTS, I wear a size 6 and they are soo comfortable.

gray sweater // wearing a size S, it definately runs TTS but.. it’s a little itchy, i know i’ll get asked where it’s from so i’m linking it, but i HAVE to wear a shirt under it

white t shirt // this is from my H&M Try On


brunette crew neck // wearing a size M, it’s TTS and comes in different variations of hair colors!

leggings // these are cropped leggings but they don’t have them in gray anymore. they run TTS and these are on sale.


sweater // this is from my December Amazon Try On but i’m sharing it again because i love it so much. it’s not itchy like some things i’ve gotten from Amazon and it’s TTS. loving the flared sleeves


black jumpsuit // i’m not sure if i ever linked this jumpsuit that i’m absolutely obsessed with!!! it’s velvet and TTS. i’m wearing a size 4! if you’re a little taller, it’ll be more of a cropped look and it’s 40% OFF!!

..and feel free to check out my latest December Amazon Try On

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