Struggle city? Me too.

How lucky am I that I get to wake up every morning to these tiny little humans that love me no matter what. I wouldn’t change a thing, ever. I’d give anything for them.

Real shit, when I became a mother for the first time at age 19, I wasn’t scared at all. I didn’t even know what there was to be scared of. So when I had my second baby at 27, I was scared shitless. I knew what was to come. Being a mother (or father) – IS HARD AF.

So for all of you mothers who are struggling, I figured I’d share what I’m struggling with.. so you know you’re not alone.

My 18 month old doesn’t talk yet. I mean he babbles, but still doesn’t say Mama. It breaks my heart. I knowwww, I know.. he’s going to talk eventually. I’m sure he’ll be one of those kids who never shuts up, but right now he’s not. And it breaks my heart. He struggles to tell us what is wrong and get easily frustrated.

He also bites. The worst thing ever walking into daycare to hear that he bit someone again. Maybe broke the skin and the kid has to go to the dr., ugh.

My kids don’t eat healthy enough. I mean they regularly eat shredded cheese for dinner. I  started having to buy those baby pouches so that they can get more nutrients. Uh, my three year old walking around with a baby food pouch. And they don’t drink milk. Like, ever. Does that matter!? A great way to make you feel like a shitty parent is to Google the amount of fruits and vegetables that your child should be eating on a daily basis.

Do I not do enough fun things with them? I started working part time so that I could spend more time with them but most days we watch movies and hang out on the couch while I catch up on laundry. Or go to Target.

Am I on my phone too much? Do I pay enough attention to them? But like, I watched Shrek three times already and I need some sort of social interaction with someone over the age of 3. Are they going to look back on their childhood and remember their moms face was always in her phone?

I missed my sons parent teacher conference. And by miss I mean this is the third year in a row that I scheduled it with the teacher and just completely forgot and didn’t make it. third. year. in. a. row. I’m literally that parent.

And then while you’re sitting there thinking of all of the things that you might be doing wrong, your son or daughter will call your name “Mommy!” and wrap their little arms around you so tight and you’ll be reminded of how amazing of a mother that you are. And then two seconds later you’ll burn dinner and give them more shredded cheese.

So wether you’re a mother of 7, a new mom, a grandmom or waiting for your turn..

you’re not alone, we all have our own shit + you got this.


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