Same shirt, different day.

Some people call it a “capsule” wardrobe, I just call it being able to wear the same thing the next day but make it look like you’re not wearing the same thing the next day. i dunno, sometimes i only have time to just grab something and throw it on in order to get out of the door on time. I chose 15 pieces, some I had already and a few new things, to mix it up. And made 15 outfits.

IMG_5558 21. Joggers – comfy clothes you can eat as many smores as you want and not have to worry about the waistband being too tight. they’re so comfortable and you can still look presentable wearing sweats outside of the house. // love these too

2. mom jeans – men may not think high waisted mom jeans are sexy but IDGAF as long as i’m comfortable. i love the way they suck my love handles in and don’t squeeze my thunder thighs so bad that i can’t even sit down. // another option (on sale)

3. camo t-shirt – girls are loving themselves some trendy camo, and i’m no exception. // i have this one too and it’s just as inexpensive. you won’t feel bad spending the money on it when it’s no longer cute in a year.

4. utility vest – so easy to throw on to keep you warm when it’s just a little chilly outside and you won’t sweating your ass off. you can easily put a long sleeve under for some layers. // here is a jacket version (on sale)

5. oversized sweater – i just love when i can throw on an oversized sweater over my outfit // obsessed with this oversized cardigan

6. long cardigan – so easy to just throw on and it keeps you warm and cute at the same time // another option, this one is one of  my favorites too (on sale)

7. striped turtle neck / 8. striped t-shirt (only $6) – both are comfortable and can layer easily.

9. white t shirt – the award for best basic t-shirt goes too … i have one in like every color i love it.

10. green utility pants (on sale) – wearing size 6, TTS like jeans.. just comfortable loose fitting pants, another option other than jeans

11. black jeans – i feel like everyone should have a really good pair of black jeans, i actually cut the bottom of these myself because i’m so short and they were raw edged anyway.

12. vest – lightweight but still keeps you warm, i really wasn’t a huge fan until i found this one

13. vans – just another option other than the typical white chuck tailors, they also come in like 500 colors, it’s no secret i love them

14. “tuxedo” style flats – i love how they’re open on the sides and air can get in because i literally CANNOT stand how regular flats make my feet just feel so gross.

15. Uggs –  I saved the best for last. i really have no words to describe how amazing these are – you’ll thank me if you buy them. the regular Uggs just make me so uncomfortable because of how tight they are, these are just so easy to slip on and don’t feel like you’re wearing slippers. (and they’re water resistant)

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