2 under 2 – the ups & downs

Keep in mind I’m in no way shape or form a professional. do not take my advice literal, i’m simply just sharing my experience – every baby is different, every set of 2 under 2 are different. i have a few friends who are about to have 2 under 2 and they’ve both asked for some advice..

Let me guess.. you’re baby is around 9 months old and it’s hit you that he’s not really a newborn anymore. you miss that newborn stage where all they needed was you but now every month they’re getting a little bit more independent, it makes you kinda sad. you never thought you would want to be pregnant ever again but you’ve suppressed those horrible last few days of being uncomfortable in the wayyyy back of your head and you decide to try for another. you get pregnant much quicker than you thought and now ..you’re going to have two under two.

You’re scared, anxious but so excited to have a little tiny baby again. I’ve been there and done that ..so here are a few of the ups & downs that i’ve experienced (so far) of having two under two.


your older child now has a permanent best friend attached to their hip at all times. there were a few times when you felt guilty because you had to start that huge pile of laundry and weren’t able to play with the baby. well, you’re in luck because now they’ll always have someone to play with. it’s awesome and seeing them play together will be the best thing you’ve ever witnessed.

they’re so close in age you already have everything you need. i also have two 7 years apart and we had to get everything else all over again. it’s a much smoother transition going from a few years apart rather than a lot because everything is still pretty fresh in your mind (if you haven’t lost it yet)

your body will probably go back to what is was much quicker because now you’re chasing two around. with one you’re able to set them down with their new toy while you take a seat on the couch to watch your favorite show you missed last night, not anymore. even if you go out somewhere, lets say to an indoor kids play place where you could talk to other moms while still watching your ONE baby from a distance, well ..one will go one way and one will go the other and you can’t watch them both. sign yourself up for the next 5k race – your whole life you always thought you were a bad runner, now you’ll become a professional.

you won’t even know any better. with two far apart in age you’ll be able to remember the  time you had to yourself once your first baby grew  up a little more. but when they’re close together you wouldn’t have had that experience so you don’t even know the freedom you had at one point.

the best UP: the amount of love you give & receive.


double the amount of diapers means double the amount of shit. and sometimes it gets super intense. lets be honest, double the amount of everything: double the mess, double the crying, double the trouble.

expenses. forget about those extra dollars you had for your weekly nail appointment because just having one kid is manageable with those extra “necessities” but with two, forget it. every extra penny is now going into BOTH of those precious little gems.

awwww you thought you just got your new baby to sleep all the way through the night and your life is much easier now. negative. you’re back to not sleeping and then when there’s two theres always someone awake. it’s like before they go to bed they make a pact with each other to mess with you. one is awake and the other is sleeping and then one is sleeping and the other is awake. i imagine that’s what it’s like with twins.

you’ll probably leave your house less. going out into the world with two under two is like  wrestling two alligators in a swamp (i’ve never done that but i would imagine it would be something along those lines) it’s exhausting and sometimes you just won’t feel like doing those weekly Target runs. thankful for those Amazon Fresh, Peapod & online shopping.

And now for the best piece of advice i can give you: IT’S HARD AS SHIT, IT GETS SO MUCH EASIER AND WORTH EVERY SECOND that you spend screaming in the bathroom alone. you could have had the worst day ever with them but then you’ll lay in bed thinking to yourself how you would take the worst day ever with them then your best day without them.


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