The first 24 hours.

So we’re a little more than 24 hours into potty training.

I actually decided to start her after her afternoon nap yesterday. I was going to start this morning but we didn’t really have any plans for the day so I figured why not. Pat was working (10 hours in 100 degree heat on a Saturday.. I meannnn) and it was so hot out just the thought of having to bring the kids anywhere made me sweat.

It’s actually going much better than I thought it would. She’s gone in the potty maybe around 15 times and really has had no accidents. No peeing accidents to be exact. We just had to clean a no. 2 accident, which sucked. But i’ve been changing shitty diapers for three years now so it’s not really much different. The book says to stress about how the characters the underwear are so upset that you have to throw them away. She wasn’t really buying it.. I don’t even think she cared that much. This morning when she woke up, i went down stairs and she even called down to me to tell me she went on the potty. She even threw her nighttime diaper in the trash. Girlfriend didn’t even want M&Ms or Skittles.

So this girl is used to having M&M’s on the reg. She’s a snacker like me and M&M’s are probably her favorite. So the concept of only being able to have 1 or 2 just doesn’t seem to stick with her. That’s probably the biggest challenge, fighting with her to not give her more than a few M&Ms. It says to check every hour or so and ask if they have to go to the potty. A few times she would say no.. and then i’d kinda talk to her into it and she didn’t go. but then the times I asked if she had to go and she was willing to go up – she actually went.

She also says for the first naps and night time to put them in underwear and see how they do. Eh, I don’t get enough sleep as it is so I’m just not ready to have to get up during the night to change a wet bed. No fluids a few hours before bed – smart. Make sure they sit on the potty to pee before bed – again, smart. This is the shit you don’t even think of. I didn’t think of that at all – here Cabes, drink a huge glass of water to hydrate yourself prior to night time. Nightlight in the bathroom – Tony is terrified of the dark so that’s an easy one.

Since she had such a great first day, we actually left the house and went to breakfast. I brought her into the bathroom at one point and she was like HELL NO. Pretty sure she really said that. About 20 min later, I brought her back into the bathroom and she was good to go – went on the potty.

This afternoon she was in the neighbors baby pool. Ugh I was just sitting there terrified that she was going to go no. 2 in their pool. I mean their baby pool didn’t even have 1 piece of grass in it – if that gives you any idea of how clean they like things, it’s literally IMPOSSIBLE to not get grass in a back yard baby pool. Thankfully, she didn’t.

The book says if they’re having trouble going no. 2 in the potty to up the ante. Go back to the store and let them pick out an amazing toy. I could be walking out of there with a freaking iPad, i wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what she picks, but lets just make a high low price range. Let them pick it out, love it, hold it.. put it back. Get on their level and let them know that they can get that toy that they love so much when they start pooping in the potty. Go to the sticker section and get some stickers. Make a sticker board and overtime they poop on the potty – they get a sticker. Once they get a certain amount of stickers ..i’d say when you’re certain they’re only going to poop on the potty.. that they can get that toy they loved so much.

Tomorrow ..we’re going back to Target.

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