This is how we roll.

I can’t take credit for this idea at all. Cabrey sometimes goes on the potty randomly when she’s bored and just wants to go upstairs into the bathroom and play in the sink. i think maybe one time she told me that she had to go and then we went upstairs and she actually did go but that only happened once.
But it’s been maybe three months now where she takes her diaper off and literally wakes up saying, “i’m soaked.” Ya know when you ask someone for their advice on when to potty train your kid and they’re like, “you’ll know when they’re ready” – that’s where i am, I know she’s ready.

Noticing my cousin’s son, who is around the same age as Cabrey was already potty trained.. I’m all like WHAT DID YOU DO/HOW DID YOU DO IT/TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. And she’s all like, omg there’s this book that I heard about from my friend. She pretty much explained the whole book, “That’s How I Roll” by Rachel Poslick Jacques, to me. It’s literally free with the Kindle Unlimited and the hard back is like $10. (Totally worth it even if it doesn’t work for you). I’m kinda going to go through it with you step by step how I did it with Cabrey and how she reacted (or didn’t react) to each of the “steps”. If you’re completely uninterested in all that (quite frankly you’re on the wrong website then anyway) just go scroll to the bottom – or reach the next post to see if she’s potty trained yet, #spoileralert.
So you start off by getting them sooo excited to go to the store to get big girl/boy underwear. Target is lieterally like Disney World for her, so that was easy. She tells you to let them pick out a few packs of any underwear they want – solids & prints. Hm. She went right to the bra section. Awesome. After some redirecting, we got them. She picked out Disney Princesses, Peppa Pig and just some plain pink. Shocklingly at the same time we were out of diapers at home so I had to pick some up for Danny, that might’ve defeated the whole purpose because I was buying underwear and diapers at the same time, in front of her face, but whatever.
Processed with VSCO with e6 preset
Then she says to get one of those cushy seats for kids that go ontop of your toilet so they don’t fall in. Eh, we already have a potty for her so we skipped that part.
Next, she says to need “kid currency”. She says kids don’t care about money, bu they love candy. Well, she’s never met Cabrey and money trumps candy any day. So in addition to the candy she picked out (M&Ms & Skittles), I made sure to get change for a $10, in $1’s. Put the candy in a glass jar on the bathroom counter, so she can see it. Another problem for me is that she can climb the gate at the bottom of the steps and open doors soooo.. we’ll work around it.
(yes, I separated the colors because isn’t that how everyone eats their M&M & Skittles?)
Grab two bottles of wine – if you don’t already know, I don’t drink so I ran to the Ben & Jerry’s. Forget the Halo Top, I don’t have time to think about being healty during this.
***Absolutly NO PULL UPS – you can by the book and read about her explanation.
She says to get the other sibilings in the house involved too. I guarantee the M&M’s and Skittles will be gone wayy before they’re supposed to be with her older brother taking part in this.
So, here we are. Potty training starts first thing tomorrow. Wish us luck.


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